Masks of Liquid Fire

space fountain

Lost Inès, fire-bells, storm pixie
How quickly the lightning succumbs to the flesh
And hope is squeezed so silently in our chest
That light, doesn’t flood our vision, but warps us
With a kind of fear and anxiety

Won Inès, there’s no winning in the tragedies
There’s only ambiguity and doubt and fear
The kind of thunder that makes you climb under the bed
Or paint in the closet, or immerse yourself in the unreal

Creator Inès, there’s no season when beauty dies
Because it dies each day and in every person
As we decide to label them something, to limit their light
We kill our dreams to manufacture new ones

Cowardly Inès, there no one left to run home to
Not the night of courage, or the love of art
Not even they can save us, we are just that
Solitary bandits, cats and ambitiously warped

Memory Inès, there aren’t rooms I can go to
Only drawings, a canvas of your success
Where I’m reminded of the days of summer
Where the Eclipse held the potential of everything.

Rest in Peace, Words #Literature #Amwriting

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Rest in Peace, Words

Years later, there is no lack of poetry
No lack of PDF books and poor
Modern poets who are somehow famous
Famous for lack of a better term

Reviewed, peer networked, published
But I prefer to read poets
That felt the words they said
Did not need to edit and manipulate

The audience into believing they are clever
When I am dead, I will die a poet’s poet
With rain drenched hair of brightest April
I shall have peace, because

My entire life will have been a tribute
To lyrics, free-verse, open joys of solitude
The kind of aphoric-speech which future writers are best
Equipped to appreciate, I shall not have renown, no

But my verse shall live on, spoken
By artificial voices in make-believe
Settings of the future, poems will have a life all their own
And in dying poor, literature will have loved another poet
In the hush anonymity of it
I shall be that sparrow of too many little whispered words.

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Black Swan Job Application II

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Shaman – EJ Koh

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Black Swan Job Application II

Job wanted, will consider all applicants
Burning desire to be a pioneer
In new literary forms, poetry and prose
Blogging and philosophy

Real life, relationships, confessionals
Exhibitionistic tendencies required, no fear
Able to work 16-hour a day shifts
Drive to get published, write novels

Enter contests, win scholarships
Self-autonomy in going for broke
Ability to withstand periods of poverty
Enjoys public speaking, going to events

Is humble, responsive to readers
Ability to synthesize past and the future
The job applicant may be required to travel
Inwardly and outwardly, be able to

Form attachments, imaginary and virtual
Burn books, abandon beliefs, start over
Translate from obscure languages
Must be a shaman of the written word

Have prophetic tendencies, know your audience
Market on social media, not be averse to self-public
Create podcasts, teach workshops, give lectures
Endure being followed on twitter by throngs

Please note, applicant must stay in the job
A minimum of five years, long-lasting investment only.