Motherhood is the only Truth of Life


Hae.mi, every verse is a child of love
As I watch you with your child
I think upon the qualities of your womanhood
Your ancestry and your design upon time

The heart as a gulf, and a bridge and a blessing
I who have experienced so little true joy
Can admire the cherishing of a maternal love
That exceeds in brightness and in sport

The spring’s treasured moments of a young mother
I watch you with your child, as I would the stars
Or holding the Earth in my mind as I would
Imagine life caring for all the galaxies

Hae.mi, so when you think of me, remember
I die at dawn and daybreak, every day
To witness your majesty as a woman and a mother
With no decisions and no receiving, I’ll carry on

So as to die with the morning and the evening
We might support the future in a familiar face
Like your son or the billions of lights
That swim in the hawk-like night

And the swan-like soul of all living things
Those eyes, a little bit like our own,
Those hearts, that feel and hope and love
Like we do, Hae.mi, that is your gift

That I can love you like a father who watches his daughter
Taking care of the world while she travels it
In the years and greetings and journeys
Given to her, and what will live on in her sons

In his daughter, who will one day become a mother…


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Ode to Split Lips and Midnight Poems

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Ode to Split Lips and Midnight Poems

The way all light must be, I felt
It on your cheeks, like pure Ukrainian blood
From the veins of the open-wide landscape

And who would have thought we’d be
By your side, Pacific ocean breeze
Recast to our chosen brood and poems spilled
Again, it must have been the laughter
And the tears on your smiles

Your lyrical soul tossed in the
Whispers of the wind, the velvet
Contour of your melodious expressions

A clarity of purpose in such serenity
Our cats couldn’t read The bear
Who ate the stars, but they had contributed
You know what I mean, and I was happy
For you, with a split lip of divinity
You deserved even more than you got.

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