Teach me to Heare Heaven’s voice

Goe and catch a falling starre
That stars have watched us all
Our lives, in our horoscopes
And as anyone might study

A sentient race, still filled
With so much awe and hate
Things invisible to see
But quite evident in our history

If thou findst an Earth that
Has not destroyed itself, there
There would be peace, but
Oft’ after many trials, pilgrimages

To the outer edge of distance
To start again, on a brighter earth
If one day the planets seem strange
Just remember all beings go there

As surely as the rivers reach the sea
Goe and catch a falling starre
And imagine all the creatures
Waiting for us to mature
To welcome us into galactic-community.



I won’t even stop
At the edge of light
At the sacred pond of beginnings
For fear that
My shadows
May flow into the world

The Universe requires beings
As enlightened as humanly possible
I won’t even stop
At the water that reflects the moon
Because I know the moon
Does not get wet, nor is the water broken
By the image of light, although

The light is wide and great
I must get to the other side
Where the entire sky is covered with life
Nearer to the Galactic center
Where wisdom is common, and war is rare
I won’t even stop
For the Gods, for I know our place is with them.