The Group


There is strength in vulnerability
To feel more, is to be rich
It’s an abundance of the inner world
Who cares for possessions?

I wasn’t born to be a profiteer
I’d rather be like the water
Touching here, touching there
Pliant to the relationship of relationships

Aware of how the unity shapes
The whole, of how the particulars
Transfer their energy, it’s morbid
To think of ourselves as isolated selves

It’s dehumanizing to go to war every day
In the marketplace, to the office
There’s a function in serving a group
To feel more, connected and belong

To an entity that is clasped on many sides
By the shared vulnerability of each one.

Story of Nature

Human – business evolution

The birds kept singing that
The birds had once seen
Flying saucers, though we
Didn’t understand their songs?

Octopi would once inherit
The Earth, after we had passed
It all seemed improbable

But nature had a way of making
Melancholy dreams a reality
If the stars that move together
In some sort of order

Could fly like birds across
The skies, then men could die
Like they had always done

To make way for ocean creatures
Reptiles, intelligent squirrels
Evolution had a way of mocking
Those animals that went extinct

With new varieties, it didn’t matter
That men thought they were special
Or that men were the creators

Of their own ruin, women didn’t
Exist anymore to empathize with them
Men did it to themselves and left
Life to nature’s own wisdom
In truth, the way it had always been.


The Roggenbuck Principle


So I have heard you are obsessed with wonder
The predominant thought of your being
Is your Showzen, the arc frequency

Everything sent out returns to the source
You are a human transmission tower
Your channel is your life
Your thoughts attract consequent vibrations

So I have heard you are obsessed
With how to touch the world?
The law of attraction is a creative law
You are speaking or listening to someone

Most of all yourself, your harvest vibration
You emit and perpetuate your experience
The pattern, like a funnel of light
So focus on what you want, very very carefully

The power of your mind is innocent
Like an instrument, it requires executive oversight
So I have heard you are obsessed with success
Mind is your quantum alphabet, calculator, antennae

It’s not a secret, but it eliminates a degree of worry
If you know how to use it, feel it, channel it
Thank God there’s a time delay, choice is temporal
So now, decide what you want to be and think it.