Conspirators in Pajamas

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Conspirators in Pajamas

I love you suddenly like

A plum bursting my pride

Straightforwardly and digitally

On my chest is the gesture of infinity

There is no time my love

So close that your eyes close

I need you because your soul

Teaches me, like the ages, like the sea

When you go through the streets

Where everyone is beautiful but us

Know that youth will die suddenly too

Like heartbreak and the spring of divorce

And your green eyes will shiver

Their pupils delicately attempt to

Embrace the complexity of what

Love has become, something sold and given up

A conspiracy of pyjamas we used

To find so comfortable, no longer so

But I cannot feel the love of people

Whom have loved me, for my love has fed

The people only to set them free.

Ballad Before the New Year

Ballad Before the New Year

The children sing
In the quiet night
Of the Christmas cheer
In the little square
By the fountain lights
“What joy does your divine
Heart celebrate?”

They chant in whispers sweet
For the lost people
And the clear streams
And the families that know
How to give to each other
The winter wonder
Still holds their hands

As we listen to their
Little voices for a while
“Drink the tranquil water
Hear the antique song
Where your soul meets
With the Universe….”



Love is not all, it is not water or roses
It is not the good slumber or the sound of rain
Not yet beauty, men war for it and fight women
Because of it, it’s not all peace in difficult hours

Love cannot fill the heavenly lungs with air
Or feed the family of floating orphans
Love is in a way, an indulgence of the rich
Who may be driven to sell their love for peace

And in compromise, lose more than half of themselves
Or trade the memory of our brief encounter of it
For night and food and other bare necessities
Love, no, is not all, it is not sunlight or hope necessarily

Though it can make us smile easily enough
Even as I speak, many lack it and may be dying of its lack
I’ve been lonely for most of my life, I would know
Hearing your words, and not a word of love among them

Would be a bright heartache, salty day tear
Children whimper without it, and the gardens
Would hardly be watered properly without it
What to do, I’ve discovered it’s everywhere.

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We, Who are in the Blood


Oh, dear wife, you are too much
Mine and flesh of me –
There is no dawn

To keep your water
From my blood, I am unceasing intimacy
Oh, unvisioned loving face

There is no dusk that does not signal
Your baffling comfort of caress
Oh, you are the loss of all

Accomplished things, I do not care
For the world, after you
You are the skin of the

Long-lunging seas
On my bones, in my organs
Moon dark, with laughing mouth

With sweet uplifted lips
That taste like Mandarin honey
The maple syrup teasing eyes

Savage in the glory of redeeming
So many empty lonely years.

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The Pink Swan of Pleasure


This night, I sit at vigil with desire
Remembering your love-cries that echoes
In my solar cavity, when we
Danced in the sea of pleasure
Bathing in the primal soup of full measures
And deft openings, where

The world became the purest joy
And our hearts trembled with excitement
Our eyes spoke then with our enflamed parts
And our bodies were tied in a worldly embrace
You sat on me like a fortunate lover
Smiling with all of your body, a cellular delight

And we revised how to kiss, and how to
Surrender ourselves to the fury of physical love
Sighing and dying, we wooed a lover’s destiny
There and then, back into our lives
Breathless and worn out, only morning could end
With her white light, the laughter
Of how we knew ourselves, in each other.

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On Waiting for Love

Surfing with The Alien

You are so beautiful, like karmic prophecies
I hold you for the first and last time
With the remembrance of white loneliness

The eternity of jasmine of waiting
I waited for you my laughing Mandarin Queen
I lathed your body with soap

Out of the earth the sweet roughness
Of womb and smile and mother-qualities
The sacred touch of the helping hand

You are so beautiful, like I wish to always see again
To stir the night with our golden sceptre
Out of the love of hope, the weight of kingdom and tiredness

The last relief of a life well done
Where we can continue walking
After the bonfire of burned letters, misguided spouses

Who never experienced what we did so easily –
You are so beautiful, like honeyed-butter skin
Like a Taiwanese fruit so rare, you give rest to my eyes
And nobility to my “face level” heart.

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Conversations Of Children

The tumult in the heart
Waits for answers
Keeps asking real questions
And in the same tone of voice

It whispers, the only answer is love/
These conversations keep starting
And there is only us
The tumult in the heart

Is an eternal equation
Meant for two, like beating the same
With the same meaning of a life
Waiting for news of some Beloved

The tumult in the heart/
Is as old as the world
She converses with every part of
My body, your body, our world

The tumult in the heart
Waits for children to speak
Our children, no one could tell the difference
Whose children these were
For they were hybrids of the new world.

A Heart to Add Wholeness


Oh, there are eyes that can rejoice
And a heart to add to wholeness
That laughs as a lover only can
These bare breast that do pound
This skin that does cry
Oh, there are lips that rest here
How will hungry Time
Put by sunshine then?
Hour after hour uplifted so?
Oh I would live in you and me
Build myself lightly on a dream
And would my thoughts wrap
Your feelings bright, till we are
Lost in swimming stars
So should I lose myself
To love you my dear?

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Ode to Athena

HARK! Hark! the may buds have bloomed
For June’s sweetness two by two
To steer the spring to Summer’s moons
To ope the eyes with golden new care
Hark! Hark! my lady sweet arises
With tiger bites so cherished and glowing
As roses with their sharp cuddling spines
O’ thorns of the night, maiden pink and dear
Hark! Hark! She is my harbinger of Mandarin
All dear Nature’s children she teaches
Art and laughter and good manners
In the sweet melodious air, she is the flower
Of my little life, the petals of my last belonging
Hark! Hark! For love’s sovereign innocence
That can change a life with bells dearly dim
And weddings of culture with a fragrance of spring.

Chew Slowly


To myself, the one
Beloved who I have become one with
Chew slowly
Live without regard
For the opinion of others
For in myself
I’d rather eat miracles
To be unified, to love
Beauty, to thrill with purity
To myself, the one
Isn’t so far away, to live simply
Without demand, to give
Daily to the brotherhood of Man
Chew slowly
The time as it flies
For dessert is always love
Higher love, diviner lover
Freedom as the food of the next world
Chew slowly, through the crowds
These faces just like yourself
All emanations of the one
Chew slowly, do not
Strive to make others like yourself
But strive rather to learn more from them.

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Satisfied with the Fortune of Love


In the stillness of the night
I have been the place where
Wisdom stood visiting

Tranquil, serene, as doves in flight
I have cried with my spirit
Invisibly open to the higher laws

In the stillness of the night
I have waited for the soft voice of truth
Deliciously young, formidably ancient

Who am I, Wisdom, and how come
Desires of delight are so temporary?
My spirit envelops my growing heart

The many books of unity are to me living people
I have seen their eyes twinkle with
The special shimmer of traveling souls

We all kiss death rejoicing in the moment
For we know not how long the moment will last
In the stillness of the social day

I was reborn by the voice of human creatures
They welcomed me and I held their hands
Like tracing memories of days that chanted littleness.

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Alone with Everybody

I’ve been Alone with Everybody
For so long, I can hardly remember
What anything else felt like –
Sometimes a soul feels like its life

Is only but the shadow
Of a vase against a wall
There where flesh covers the bone
I meet a woman whose heart had been broken
She is not the first, our hearts

Are all trapped by a singular fate
Like the cruelty of the species
Or the fact that separation is the default
I’ve been alone with everybody

Better than you, with hardly anyone
To tell me that I was but
Trapped in my own reality
But now I know, it’s not true
That nobody finds ‘the one’

I’ve been United with the One
For only a few days now, and it’s like
That’s all I can remember anymore.

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Between Basho and Buddha


I am one, who eats his breakfast
Gazing at morning’s glory
Ripe with the naked faith
Who hates to be conquered by grief
My eternal law is the secret
Of expecting positive embraces

I conquer by love like a messenger
I am owned by the sound of the wind
My voice speaks of one world of color
Where the journey itself is the home
To live poetry is better than to write it
For imitation is not the real experience

I am one, who eats his miles together
I prefer to stand united at this juncture
Sharing one cherry blossom, between
Our two lives, how long have I waited
To see among the dawn flowers
The face of God in nature, the nature
Of the face of God, she is revealed.

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Since our Names are Completely Ordinary

It’s good you came
I was about to lose my sense
Of interpersonal identification
You are only as lucky
As the people around you

Well so they came to see me
And I had gifts for them
And they used me all too altruistically
But I cannot get furious
At those I loved, and maybe I wish

For friendship too easily
It’s good you came
I was about to lose hope in humanity
Secluding myself with cats
And my memories of emotional intensity

You are only as lovable
As the one special person says you are
Well so I came to see you
Whispering the cherished lines:
I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you

It’s about time you let somebody like me
Into your life, I’ll watch you in the kitchen
For a lifetime and come running
Into your arms, it’s never too late
It’s good you invited me

Thank you for having me
You are the first person in a long while
Who knew how to make me feel special
I want to be significant again
And I’ll give you my everything
Flowers, poems, chocolate, my heart.

Dreams of Perfect Human Infrastructures

My craft is loving
I have no finer skill
My education is the pursuit
Of divinity, in others
Women are the jewels of my life

My riches are your kisses
I have no other truer purpose
In a split second the dream
Has always been about this –
There is no supply, no digging, no architecture

Finer than the pursuit of your salt
The sustenance of your skin
And the beauty of your mind
I am ashamed of my unworthiness
My only poetry is loving

I know no finer art
My education is meagre
Compared to your human interest
Without directors, plans, execution
Or daring, or capability, or capital

I must learn how to be your lover
Not for your body, but for your greater fortune
Unlike circus acrobats, wizards, hypnotists
Professors, counsellors speaking unknown tongues
I must find the refined comedy

Of your inner most workings
And solve the puzzle of the years
Complement your choices of heart
Your tastes for freedom and rebellion
My craft of dreams has been spent

On idle moments of adoration
My sacred in the mundane is you
Bare and simple, fleeting or forever.
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The End and the Beginning

After every year, there is a war
Between the past and the future
I feel it when you look at me

As if to recapture the secret
Of how the years were lost!
Someone has to clean up

All this love we left
We left it in the dark
Till another season rose

And another candidate
Someone who can straighten us up
When the time is right, arrives and appears

After every year, this is a love-affair
That brings us back
From the despair of hoping
We would never find love again.