8 thoughts on “Mystical Poetry Group

  1. hi…i don’t use facebook but can i post to you so you can post on facebook, interested in mystical or divine poetry, rumi, hafiz, thomas merton was heavily influenced by father bede griffith in india..thanksx

      • Oh great thanks..bede griffith was a mystic who lived in India at an ashram called Shantivanam [forest of peace] he practiced inter-faith dialouge. The mass had readings from Buddhist texts, Sufi texts & Gita along with the Gospel, there is plenty of stuff on youtube about him

      • I like it! Swami Dayananda (“bliss of compassion”), sweet. I lived in Auroville India for many years, if you have ever heard of it?

      • oh yes…i stayed at Pondicherry though..I had a bad accident and couldn’t make Auroville..later I went to Arunachala home of Ramana Maharshi…my friend, a a hermit monk took sanyassi direct lineage from Swami Dayananda..myself I am a brahmachari….

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