Beholding the Lovely body of a Sunbeam


I yearn for completion
In the abstract tapestries
A beauty as soft as music, as wood

That sends a freshness
against the waves
of lights from a distant region

of the Universe, the shape
A new measure of mind
I yearn for completion

In truth and beauty
Of another world, with
The fragrance of unbroken springtime!

I yearn for some language of substance
Beyond the biological cravings
of flesh, sniffing twilight

the pangs of the hot heart
Which hunts the barrens
For some savage harvest
Beyond color, above sound.

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Of Earths


O’ life the sun exceeds a billion Suns
To light up the starry space
I can count countless constellations
A tyranny of life, in a grain of sand

A Universe this long & complete
A trillion voices of Life’s mystery
The sameness of a million worlds may be
The destiny of the ascended species

O’ life, enough of war and petty pursuits
Such magnitudes as this oppresses my mind
That delight in knowledge never finds
A limit to the limitless cooperation

Of as many Gods counted as extinctions
Our earth a blessed green-round carnivore
Solved in golden rain and proud expansion’s mirth.

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