Rest in Peace, Words #Literature #Amwriting

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Rest in Peace, Words

Years later, there is no lack of poetry
No lack of PDF books and poor
Modern poets who are somehow famous
Famous for lack of a better term

Reviewed, peer networked, published
But I prefer to read poets
That felt the words they said
Did not need to edit and manipulate

The audience into believing they are clever
When I am dead, I will die a poet’s poet
With rain drenched hair of brightest April
I shall have peace, because

My entire life will have been a tribute
To lyrics, free-verse, open joys of solitude
The kind of aphoric-speech which future writers are best
Equipped to appreciate, I shall not have renown, no

But my verse shall live on, spoken
By artificial voices in make-believe
Settings of the future, poems will have a life all their own
And in dying poor, literature will have loved another poet
In the hush anonymity of it
I shall be that sparrow of too many little whispered words.

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Aphorisms to the Anonymous #PoetryMonth #proverb #aphorism

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Aphorisms to the Anonymous

If you can get answers
From asking the wrong questions
Then it proves you have lived
If you have fallen in love
Then you know

Short cuts make long delays
The journey is when
Everyone helps to hold up the sky
The one person
Does not become tired

So is it with art
We all give a piece of ourselves
To the color book of humanity
I’m going to write a poem
Forging a tongue on truth’s anvil

Because I never found
A good teacher, so
I read a lot of books
I having a generous eye
Was blessed with the appreciation

I gave the bread of my soul
To the poor and became a beggar
For more spirit than I could
Ever consume or unite with
I’ll sleep for myself
But I will dream for others.