Being Human

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Being Human

The eager note on my heart said
Call me, I’ll be waiting for a lifetime
In the loneliness of autumns zealous

With the casually invited years
As they breeze past bemused Earths
And in that avocado salad morning light

I’ll find spirit (in the imagination)
Waiting for today, a kangroo of all days
That cannot justify the dreams we had

Nor the places we are going
Or the possibility of the poetry of surprise
For after all, it’s anticipation that fuels

Divinity and the future’s innovations
That’s what I live for, the meaning of progress.

Winter Camped Under Various Stars


Come winter with your
Dry months of cold winds
I will take you in my room tonight
Lay you down where the Moon holds

Gray laurels and champagne for one
Graft your stony roots of granite
To my weary bones that sing
Of crystal towers, and eucalyptus trees

And frozen over rivers of marble piazzas
Let me watch the crowds and
Children with rosy cheeks
And that I’ve heard the lament of the land

So vast and so white, in the stillness
Of a silence that is the breath of night
Come winter, with your
Cascades of lovely snow, frozen councils
Basilicas of frothy twigs waiting for spring.

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