Untitled zen poem

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On observing the P r e s e n t s t a t e

There is an error in thought
That does not recognize silence
Or witness the unity behind everything
Unwilling to see the page of nature

We believe our agency to be separate
But our thoughts are rather
Manifestations of nature

We are part of this design
We lack the trust of instinct
Separating, labeling, judging

Living in a cost-benefit duality
Our intelligence is quite limited
So we search for the coin
In the river where we lost it

But time does not function like that
Memory is no longer accurate
The moment it is recalled
And self is a poor approximation of destiny

Destiny is a non-dual experience
It is the Tao of fundamental reality
So empty your body of illusions

And throw away the madness of attachment
Freedom is not to approve anything
For reality is a gold and dung phenomenon

If we stop pursuing things outside of ourselves
Then might we be able to witness
What is actual and what is essential.

Henceforth I am my own Good Fortune

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Henceforth I am my own Good Fortune

What if, there were as many
Truths as there were lives
Let us celebrate them here
Whatever satisfies the soul

Is a kind of truth , then
My body is also divine
The beauty of independence
Walking, moving, smiling

This form that convinces with a presence
With senses as a human body was given
Evolved and sacred
When I give, I give myself

To celebrate the hour
The indiscernible freshness
Of living, here my voice is a poem
And I am curious about each one

I say to mankind, be not curious about God
But of each other, for
The Goddess of her is more intimate
Than the God of invisible salvation

Ever was, be merry
Satisfy the needs first
Then speak of metaphysics
A spirituality that loves the world

That is the audience of congregation
Those are who witness the miracles
Now I know the secret of being
To love, is the real artist in humanity.

the tide of being


Before the big bang there was
only unity, the unspeakable origin
then uncertain light

created confusion in movement
life has always been
a dream divided
reproduction, independence
and the blood that unites us still

water, trees, fuel
the heat of our skin
we can remember

the forgotten syllables of
origins, even if we didn’t exist
the code is in our soul
to see the world with
spiritual eyes, calm as

unreachable centuries, billions
of years here or there
traveling in galaxies

as far as objectivity can travel
matter and energy interlaced
hands, female and male
in my heart I am never lost
though in my head I have yet

to find the reason for all this
touching the world with my eyes
I am foreigner and
I am familiar, but not truly known.

Pure Being


In the great attendance of relived lives
I felt no karma in the crowd, only experience
The long restricted dissolving star
Solemn & sweet, with our individual doom

Not extinction in my belly, but love
Creation exhibiting herself in me
All multitudes were finite
And separate consciousness was

A likely myth, with duplicates at every point
Life was a vital privilege, sour or whole;
I am atoms and issues of grace
Photons and quantum comparisons

Every minute I attend to the facts
That all I am will be taken away
A circumstance of breath, water, light
The Universe never owed me anything
And ultimately, I gave only what I could.

Photo Courtesy: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Silent-Melodies-385313111