Psalm 16


Hear the right, O Lord of Love, attend unto my cry,
Your humblest of servants, this foolish one who feigns
The voice of the poetry for all humanity
Let my sentence come forth from thy presence:
Give unto my prayer, whose golden prayers
Only ask connection to nature, listening for
Some Universal Order of goodness
Let thine eyes behold the things that are equal
Thou hast proved mine heart; compassion is thy glory!
Thou hast visited me in the night of my deaths
And I am born again in Thee, with Thee, for Thee
I ask not anything for myself, but my natural fate
Not especially kind or fortunate, I do not care
I have called upon thee, for my kind, for the World of Men
That they may feel more often thy marvellous lovingkindness
Not for deity or false community, or Nation-pride
Not for wealth or prosperity, or corrupt commerce of inequality
But for light, for love, for the faith that attends
The cruelest misfortunes of our everyday suffering
Hear the right, O Lord of Love, for we know not
How much time we have left us mortals
Each year brings with it its meal of slow divinity
Whose belly thou fillest with thy hid treasures of gratitude
Blessings as full as children, easily compensating for
The heartbreak of our ordinary trials and tribulations.