Of No Importance

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Of No Importance

Of no importance are the heartbreaks
Heartbroken we went on
A little tougher, maybe even meaner

Into the world to get our
Critical goals and face emergencies
To bring our fire

Out into the open
To mediate and exercise
And make love with a difference
To work and obsessively achieve
Of no importance are the failures

We failed and moved on
A little more determined, maybe maniacal
Into the world exposed
With greater serotonin intake
Better abilities to manage dopamine

Testosterone yeah, it was all possible
Because there is a will, and we learned
People don’t always help, they

Can even hinder so remember that
It’s all normal to shrug it off
Because one day it will just be
Of no importance anymore.

Psalm 11


In the Universe I put my trust
How say ye my Soul, for freedom?
Flee as a bird to the highest mountain?
For, lo, the sunshine bends her brow to me
She makes ready the world for tomorrow
Nature is my holy temple, her throne
Are the lights of the night’s sky
Her Grace are the galactic signs
The Lord of Love blesses the righteous
For delight brings favors to those that follow
Their rightful bliss, not for profit but for
The portion of their spirit’s need
Not in the blind faith of men, but in
Their inner power given at birth
The golden immense sign of their genius
Their Godhead, whatever it may be
Praise that, and you praise your true nature
In the Cosmos I put my trust
Not for idols, tradition, authority, or previous masters
But for all that may come to pass
To those with the courage to look forwards.