Virtue is not erratic, it’s the
Intolerance of ignorance
But to change the world
You must never let them forget
How you made them Feel

My Mother said I must
Know myself as a creation of God
Obliged to remember that
Everyone else and everything else
Are also God’s creations

So what does it matter?
We tried to be rainbows
In the clouds, to Love
Without barriers, penetrating
All walls to arrive at our
Destination, full of hope & prayer

Nothing will work, unless you do:
Virtue is not achieving something
But being somebody who
Renders the future accessible to the present
Sharing the untold stories inside of you

You are the sum total of
Everything you’ve ever experienced
Everyone influences us and
Our ‘mother wit’ is the hope
To reflect something positive unto others
For hope is the courage to be
More generous, more merciful
and more honest.