Lately I’ve been weight-lifting light
Call it atonement for a lifetime without meditation
For transgression and omission

Of Spiritual exercise
Lately, I’ve been listening
To our expectation for the future’s reverence

But the new world does not wait
Adapt or die, transform or risk losing everything
This is progress, this is

The voices and violins
Of a new generation
Lately I’ve been daydreaming sunrise

A burden of faith, sliding into the Sea
An overture, a requiem to the tragedy
The divine subtraction of time’s brevity

I know it all too well
Call it atonement for a life of leisure
The freestyle freewill to reincarnate

An any point in the linear overflowing
Between music and mathematics
Lately I’ve been bereaved unorthodox

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.deviantart.com/art/–466500259




I’ve walked to sleep through
Velvet green, with only
An instinct to guide me home
I’ve been the better part
Of a biological simulation
An erotic country of desire
I’ve dreamed across youth
On the brief threshold of experience


For a vacancy drenched in sunlight
And a heart spent wholly in solitude
I’ve hungered for a music
I never heard, and for ideals
That could not exist in this world


I’ve tread water for pure transitions
To accompany my soul to her
Speed of light, to the ultimate
Expression of who I was:
A lack of satiety on the brisk Spring’s edge
A taster in the honeycomb of Summer


I’ve held my own hand in destiny
All things are words of some strange tongue
And each symbol a fading picture
In my mind, all culture a gibberish
Of socialization, how obscure, bizarre
That I should know myself a diviner thing
And feel compassion for the history of the world.

Mystic Disillusionment


O’ soul, bring wine for mystical devotion
For I am suffering of earthly malady
I have forgotten spiritual things

Bring me the cup of ‘divine nectar’
I am thirsty for Cosmic nature
My speech has become pained

With the burdens of brief-necessity
O’ soul, Beloved, pour me the cup
Of the inner life, that used to suffice

The solace of deeper things, greater truths
For I am impoverished by this world’s harms
The corruption of men and their unnatural orders

O’ soul, bring wine for inner peace and immortal bliss
For these lamentations are like a Buddhist
Or some fool that witnesses too much sin.

Photography Courtesy: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Casualty-of-War-69916654