Odes to Ren & Chou


In the implacable sweetness at the edge of time
I was there, somehow with you
Lost in forever, with the thrill of the universe

In our brief work on this particular planet
Earth, climbing for the flowers of the future
There was no us and them, only a weird inclusion

Of all we had become, the thirst of history
The salt-rose and topaz tears of the dilemmas
Like the philosophy of equality and feminism

That burned with the ashes of a billion lives
In secret, we triumphed over fate, by our failures
We who were trampled by white men and government policies

My love, it feeds on your love for a united future
Where colors do not separate us, and birth-status does
Not enslave us, where leaders can be women

I love you as the downtrodden looks for opportunity
As in my own life’s chastity in years of poverty
At the furnace of the barren wombs of youth

I think of your lineage and how you came to stand in this spot
I trace your ideas like the blue birds of revolution
Tomorrow, we will give them a leaf from the tree of our love

Silent and starving, we will prowl the webnet for signs
Of our victory, decades from now
When machines rule the corridors of great decisions

The liquid measures of your steps will lead back here
An open-AI of how we fought for something bigger than ourselves
And gave our best years to a journey we could not name.

On Speaking the Same Language 

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On Speaking the Same Language

My dears, language is a process of
Free creation, its laws and principles are fixed
English and mandarin must intermingle
Spanish and Hindi must find diplomacy

Arabic and Portuguese trade pheromones
While Korean sounds the best
And French has a certain romance
I think German, Japanese and the others

Must learn the languages of the majority
I don’t see diversity as inevitable
Unless we are talking genetics
When we arrive at new planets

We’ll require common tongues
Not divisions of religions
Or morbid minorities who insist
Their language is their identity

The time for nations is over
We must arrive at a human unity
Sorry to Russian, Persian, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian
I just don’t see the point of learning you

When I suspect you will be extinct
In a few decades, maybe a few centuries.


Mes enfants, la langue est un processus de
Création libre, ses lois et ses principes sont fixés
Anglais et mandarin doit entremêler
Espagnol et hindi doit trouver la diplomatie

Phéromones de commerce arabes et portugaises
Bien coréenne sonne le mieux
Et en français a un certain romantisme
Je pense que l’allemand, le japonais et les autres

Doit apprendre les langues de la majorité
Je ne vois pas la diversité comme inévitable
À moins que nous parlons de la génétique
Quand nous arrivons à de nouvelles planètes

Nous aurons besoin de langues communes
Non divisions des religions
Ou minorités morbides qui insistent
Leur langue est leur identité

Le temps pour les nations est terminée
Nous devons arriver à une unité humaine
Désolé Russe, le persan, italien, polonais, ukrainien
Je ne vois pas le point de vous apprendre

Quand je pense que vous serez éteinte
En quelques décennies, peut-être quelques siècles.


내 애들 아는 언어의 과정이다
무료 작성, 자국의 법과 원칙은 고정되어
영어와 중국어가 섞여 있어야합니다
스페인어, 힌디어 외교를 발견해야한다

아랍어, 포르투갈어 무역 페로몬
한국어 최고의 소리를하는 동안
그리고 프랑스 인은 어떤 로맨스를 가지고
나는 독일어, 일본어와 다른 생각

대부분의 언어를 배워야한다
나는 피할 수없는 등의 다양성을 볼 수 없습니다
하지 않는 한 우리는 유전학을 이야기
우리는 새로운 행성에 도착하면

우리는 일반적인 방언을 필요로합니다
종교 없음 부문
또는 주장 병적 인 소수 민족
그들의 언어는 자신의 정체성이다

국가를위한 시간은 끝났다
우리는 인간의 화합에 도착해야
러시아어, 페르시아어, 이탈리아어, 폴란드어, 우크라이나어로 죄송합니다
난 그냥 당신이 학습의 포인트를 볼 수 없습니다

나는 의심 할 때 당신은 멸종 될 것입니다
수십 년, 어쩌면 몇 세기에.









मेरा Dears, भाषा की एक प्रक्रिया है
नि: शुल्क सृजन, अपने कानूनों और सिद्धांतों तय कर रहे हैं
अंग्रेजी और मंदारिन मिलाना चाहिए
स्पेनिश और हिंदी कूटनीति लगाना होगा

अरबी और पुर्तगाली व्यापार फेरोमोन
कोरियाई सबसे अच्छा लगता है
और फ्रांसीसी एक निश्चित रोमांस है
मैं जर्मन, जापानी और दूसरों को लगता है

बहुमत की भाषाएं सीखना चाहिए
मैं अपरिहार्य रूप में विविधता नहीं दिख रहा है
जब तक हम आनुवंशिकी बात कर रहे हैं
हम नए ग्रहों पर पहुंचें

हम आम जीभ की आवश्यकता होगी
धर्मों के न डिवीजनों
या फिर जो कहना रुग्ण अल्पसंख्यकों
उनकी भाषा उनकी पहचान है

राष्ट्रों के लिए समय खत्म हो गया है
हम एक मानव एकता पर पहुंचने चाहिए
रूसी, फारसी, इतालवी, पोलिश, यूक्रेनी के लिए खेद है
मैं तो बस आप सीखने की बात नहीं दिख रहा

मुझे संदेह है जब आप विलुप्त हो जाएगा
कुछ दशक, शायद कुछ सदियों में।

We’re all from immigrant fathers 


We’re all from immigrant fathers

I’ve been busy I must admit
Performing an autopsy on my shadow
It’s a tedious tumbling of self with not-self
And I’ve come to the conclusion

That it might never be finished
That I might have to live this skin

Of bone-flower-elegy of psyche
I’ve been too busy trying to be grateful
Moon stiches and a refugee of the sun
My body is slowly collecting lightning

And sound from this dimension
Like a magnet for the magical realism

I’ve started to remember dreams for
Maybe the first time in my life
With a magical aspect of eroticism
From which I believed myself immune

There is a serene aspect to feeling abnormal
A little illegal, a little uncouth

We were all bohemians in our own minds
Our conscience filled with pink juxtaposing
The encounters of thumb with mouth
Nipple with chest, facial hair with the mirror.

The diviners


I grew weary of the foreign cities Though these diverse faces Make me wonder in awe —————————————— I find empathy in their clear fortunes Of being from undiscovered lands Their glad far genes of gleaming ——————————————– Opportunity, skin tones of celebration For the heart of man must Seek and wander to find knowledge ———————————————– It is the human way, the ancient mariners Knew this, the space finders, the Forest builders, the native custodians ———————————————– I grow loving of immigrants, more So than the homogenous white folk I feel more kinship with those who struggle ————————————————— Simply for their birth-line to endure I find not the privileged have much To truly offer humanity, I see ————————————————- Prosperity in the self-made women Who must brave adventure in a patriarchy And tame men to tender understanding. ———————————————–