The First Year of Love is like Icing 

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Relationships are like private
Dyadic simulations, or gamification of
Skin and soul, heart in time

Somewhere someone is travelling
In your direction, maybe furiously lonely
Ready to fill your loneliness with love
And we exchange partners
Learning from each other

So serious of the rules and tribulations
But it’s natural to be monogamous
And it’s natural to separate, no point fretting

Perhaps it’s natural for some to love
The same gender, change genders, be polygamous
Through blizzards of emotions, deserts of lust
The heart loves to cross torrents
Dramas and recognize you as a friend

Reckless and beautiful are our needs
To relate, belong, be touched, finding like-minded
Companions in this desolate and tedious existence

But never forget that they are simulations, illusions
Myths we make to feel comfortable
And experiential methods of our own spirit
To educate us about the true reality of the universe
Or that part of her we were meant to experience

Relationships remain the core of human beauty
The customer experience of personal joy
The first year is like icing, then the cake

Begins to show through, too sugary
Or a sweet thing without the right occasion
I’ll wait for the fruit-salad, the encore
The idea to save the best for last.

Let us learn and forget 

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Let us learn and forget

(To all those going through or contemplating divorce)

Let us forget, with generosity
Those who cannot love us
For we loved them, did we not?

Gave them our heart & services
Let us learn and forget
With empathy move forwards
For ourselves and our children

For those who do not aspire
Cannot always do us justice!
Let us forgive and care not

For caring deserves a loving spouse
Let us never forget, the martyrs we have been
I know, I’ve heard all the stories
Let us be our own champions, for once

And go shopping for ourselves
And say, to the morning
“I am proud to be free of duty”
I have more to give, I owe myself better!

The Sweet R e s p o n s i b i l i t y

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The Sweet R e s p o n s i b i l i t y

When I wrote on my door
That I wanted to leave my old life
I became a poet of my future
It was hypocrisy to dare
To leave the house that I had bought

I had to sell my old self
To the highest bidder, divorce
Tell me kids I still loved them

Not a soul dared to
Visit me on the other side
I had walked across the garden

Into a new life, where existed
New people to suit the new me:
All that spirits desire, spirits attain
Resting in reason, moving in passion

Across the veils, until sharing pleasures
Become a spiritual thing
The heart finds the sweetness of friendships
A fairly happy version of immortality.

The Death of Pacifism

The Death of Pacifism

Here we grew
Orphaned out of love
Inebriated by history

Gloating about our potential
This youth of arrow and sword
This strength that will wane

This beauty that will cusp
From mother married to grief
And father sworn to selfishness

Here we dreamed of fathers
And wished for harbour-mates
With a body of writing like a balm
An outflung prayer to stars
The temptation to never write again

And cowards to barely truly live
That was our moment
An underground rebellion of one
An innocence endured like purity
A poverty knelt in the spirituality

Of simplicity, did we grow foolish
Or were we simply ignorant, uneducated
Too trusting of a wicked world?

With the ease of angels


I don’t like weddings – they remind me often
Of divorces, debts, bad resolves
I ache for the presence
Of flowers at the diner tables

When love’s dinner calls
With wine and roses, simple charm
Which was my solace as a child
I stayed with Bach’s ever-living hum

I don’t like romance – it reminds me often
Of dreamers, youth, bad choices
Though I still ache for the touch
Of eyes in the sleep quarters

When sleep comes, who shall I sip
As I wrung my hands to dream
Of reckless light veils, and the
Ease of angels in the flesh.

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