I Stumbled Against Your Mouth


We walk between words
As if they were trees, impermanent
Our roads are growing things
Exploring origins

I share you with history/
I listen for your tidings
Star-pierced and sweet
To find you is to find the ocean

Across disjointed sentences
The language beyond singleness
The wanting mouth
Is an empathy of deep psychology

The language of the body/
Tells a lot of flowers and seeds
We walk between words
As if they were stone, separating us

We stepped on each other
To reach somewhere, horizons
Reading or loving could only presume
To reach the growth of living things.

Photo Credits: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Longest-Year-371433397

Born by a Whim

The nailed roof of my heart
Is overvast with rain
Dust to clean
These bitter fruit away
I summon the sun’s lion paws
To scratch my fate
Back into blood-alignment
My heart hath
No commentary left
But stolen music
From lost noons
Notes from the moon
Momentary words
Writ on cold stone
My bustling boughs
Are an umbrella to nobody
I cannot protect myself
The mad intensity of
My soul will kill me
With lips against the glass
And youth letting the light out
My inward eyes are
Always crying
I’ve learned how to hate
Through so much love
Baring no cruel intent
I have been corrupted
By women and their calculation
The ice moves near
The center of my pain
I am now a male courtesan
With a secret contempt
For the revelation of the game
And the character is me
The heartbroken break hearts
An all-too-eager willingness
To polish youthful bodies
With the glow of centuries.

Like Wine from Dismembered Springs of Long Ago

There is wisdom in, spring’s root
Buds of this quivering soul
The night is not couple
It is not loving, it’s
A widow with a body of lust
A ballet of squares
On lazy sunday summer evenings
The fumble of friendship
Till the underwear hits the floor
We hold hands, neither
Saying we are alone, or together
The night swoops in
Cut-throat, like always
Black ribbons flutter
Somewhere, between
My heart and my loins
It’s your hair, oval eyes
We share the sighs
There is ruthlessness, in spring’s buds
That clamour after color-gold
Mementos as heavy as the mesmerizing sun
The skin of spring’s unsuspecting vines.

What Breath of Winter Blowing Retards my Spring

My heart is stretched
On climaxes with you
Even the smallest wind
Pulls me tight against your thin memory
And I simply, quiver
For the things you said
They ring down my ears and years
My eyes are blind
With the ecstasy of your picture
My fingers against your skin
It’s perverse, and a sign of bitterness
That all I have now become
Is a reaction to you
My body is limp with grief
For so much burning beneath
The imaginary sun that was your
Calculating feminine grin in my life.

In Time of War

I went wordless, to the will of ends
From you, never to disclose again my pain
It’s effortless to be strong, now
Spring has parceled sunburnt
My future self, effortless
I will go now, never to think
On you again, Good-bye
Word bouncing down my own street
These are inside of me, Times of war
And I am firm and I will pillage
The world, there is little doubt
I’ve dried my stream, and painted silver
Against the opaque skies, not for you
But for me, it seemed no time for love
When in the hands of angry fate.

Love By Itself

I think I have not learned
Not after all this living
Love by itself
Is what drove me
In a denial of self
I found Love sitting by itself
I have struggled towards the light
And she said, ‘bathe in darkness’
Until you flower spontaneously
I think I have not learned
How to bleed color
Across the years
My fragrance is only
The Spring dandelion
A stunning weed I think
I have been shaped intimately
By the acts of others upon me
A few I led into the blooming fields
I think I have not learned
Not even truly how to love.

A Spartan Lament

What moved me, was not
That we were meant to be together
It was they way you offered
Your hand to be in my hand
Your palm against my palm
The way you insisted
My manhood might go headfirst
Inside of you without a sheath
Warm, like a bird caught in a snare
I shared myself with your sharing ways
You were grieving, using me
As a heart hoarse with hope
And I loved you, loved you deeply
What moved me, was not
That you rejected me, after all
I’m not perfect, it was the way
I kept loving you, and nobody else
Muscular in tenderness, from all
The abuse you once endured
I became a carpenter, carving a house
That I could never give to you.

Like Water Forever Restless

And still we dream, comrades
And still we let the sun
Caresses us before the night
Enters us like hushed immobile years
Oh I know the sun’s breast

I’ve felt my manhood pulse
With the yearning of mountains
Gold washed is the fountain
Where I held you, the best
Of my everything, the height

Of my wealth, in poverty
Having you, was my last resort
Of a life without a companion
And still we dream, comrades
Of better times, while the sun

Keeps heaven’s azure rays close
Brisk is the air in the white-capped
Future, in the distance
Where love and the ocean pounded
To break on my heart’s shore.

Fantasies in May

I have been lost
So lost I forgot everything
This is the city of tulips
Where I lost you, I lost everything
Flaunted are the years since
Swaying in suicidal gratitude

For having, and not having
For flowers that are not tulips
And hunting for belonging
That never came, that never comes
I have been lost
Trying never to dance
Not knowing how to smile

The will of the tulips
Laughs inside of me
Red, like the poison of sputtering
Out of control, I lost you
And now each moment
Kills me with drunken harlots.

How Lovely Now are Little Things

I am swept in silence dear
With beauty swept clean
Alone in my little summer green

Give me the old silence of
The little wood, like childhood
Where grass is quieter than the sun

I am swept in holy silence dear
With dearest hopes dead love
Unable to recapture Spring memories

Of years passed, I walk now aerial
I drown in the leaves of surrender
Nature takes me smelling the days

Past the brief snatches of wonder that I knew
I am swept in silence dear
There is nothing left of me

But trunks of rain, running wood
That catches the roots of scents.

My Best Breaths Have Blown

Now all the garden tires of the sun
What we most wanted, burns
Like the gulls of empty years

Till Autumn sings summer’s missed dawns
Life is too casual for me
The petals are destroyed of

My favorite beauty
The sun burns on a rose
Where my face and idealism once lay

August comes as quick as May
Now all the garden tires of the sun
My skin dreams of the woman

I used to know, time sings and I close my eyes
To the touch of the ache of empty years
Hours I dream alone, my love it fades.