Breath Seized from Lung Where Foam-White Pencil Flew


Death halves us with every loss
Divided we lose each an encore
The dwarf memories
Do not suffice, we remember
Wrong, we suffer those wrongs

Still – Our narrowness we become less
In age, after grief, we love not
The same, we were grandeur once
We fled into each other, for a time
Brief like the pain halved

Dividing our sorrow we walked on
Without choice, beneath the common tide
The world swallowed us up
In days of absence, disbelief
Shock, tension, the past’s separation-plots

The curve of love had mountains to move
And seas to drown ourselves in
After grief, there is clapping hands
New faces in this exultant community
This countryside of loves

With each relationship or friend
A bit more sinister, a bit less real
I still wail inside for you
But you no longer have ears for me
Because I have died to you
But my feelings will never die.


How the Music Crept By Us


You recited unblinkingly
The code of compassion
As if in that hopeless moment
I had erred beyond your comprehension
The brass bed was bearing your suitcase
A one way ticket to – far away from me
I know your stomach churned
In some weird way, not quite like mine
But you were always stronger, that way
I heard your mother’s voice
In the way you closed the door
For the last time, the last look
Was like your father’s rebellion
For a life he did not choose
All that was left in my sweaty palms
Was the necklace you gave back to me
To signify, there would be no
More headline hysterical breakfasts
No more cat-cheers, for the temptations of the new day
You had condemned me
To a lust-asylum universe
Where everyone was a bad copy of you.