His Reply Was to Move Closer

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His Reply Was to Move Closer

She came at me, with experience
With Kama sutra pottery hands
Hands that could tame a deer
Her voice like liquid velvet

With minutes pulled into loving hours
She emerged, made me emerge
Trust the water founts of existence

Gave pleasure and joy a new meaning
On the tips of my hands in the
Filaments of the blood that flows in my heart
I was a captive and I surrendered completely
To her loving grip of ferocious

Love of life, her appetites for intimacy
Like estrogen invading my barbaric existence
What is her mouth to me, but the

Mantric lips of bowed trembling
Her coy attachment to learning the secrets
Of a Spring day, of another’s life
In a blur of the growing days of letting
Another spirit into our spirit to mix

With legs slightly apart, until
We could both not bear it any longer
To tremble touched from the inside.

Mozart in Autumn

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Mozart in November

If our stars align will our hips align
Our hips align with nature and delight?
For all facts of contact express a holistic truth
That entwined we are part of the same thing

We were derived from acts of love
And to that same source return
When we kiss, it’s an act of unity
Of tongues that once spoke so quickly

Now touch only to charm the morning
But fresh flesh, what of our soul’s dominion
Does our lust dictate a biological predominance?
If our stars align, why would our thighs?

Since we talk in bed about the rain
If you got on top of me would we
Rain together in the bliss of primitive selves
And find pleasure in the founts of our cells.

Permeating Early Revisionary Exploration 

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Permeating Early Revisionary Exploration

To enter these bonds, is to be free
To be indebted to a woman’s body
To feel her flesh and spirit bathe thee
Before, behind, between, above and below

The sweat and fragrance of serendipity
Where my hands grow cold in this savage dark
And precious stones glow like nipple-thirst
Hard and soft with full shared nakedness

As souls unbodied with free license
To taste whole joys like uncloth’d wine
That a fool’s eyes can ligteth to the Gem
Of a woman in heaven’s full recline

And Earth’s sultry tastes born of wet glee
There is no penance due to innocence
We’ve waited years to together likt his
The smiling emergence of merrily toyed

We become each other tumbling
Like a garble of lovely minutes
Pull together like crushed fruit on skin
Her flesh came at the chute of our unity

In an uncovered bud of flower’s glowing
Beautiful, wide-spread, opened like a pineapple.

Touch Was Here  #erotic #amwriting #poem #micropoetry


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Touch Was Here 

I like your body when it is with my
Body, it is certain to be pleased
Not just sensually, but spiritually

It is quite a lesson to lie like this
With bread crumbs for big eyes
And spring for firm-smooth skin

And trembling gold of Taiwanese fragrance
The ocean parting in your flesh
And a thrill of being like a virgin again
Without orgasms, not in it for cheap howls
But the lust of a more tender unity

Not lust, more like magic butter caressing
Like oxytocin on steroids, feeling
It’s killing time with a stranger

And finding a soul-mate in the crowd
Taking them to bet to part those sheets
Like holy waters of our love
And we pray together in the heat
Like a born again believer

And in the healing of eroticism
We find a basic means of self-knowledge
Where a clitoris is as indispensable as poetry
And silence is preferable when our bodies talk.

While time our love beguiles

You youth all that world successful be
In love, remember to be free
That in giving you may prevail

The gifts of the maid and21
Body of the troubadour
Bohemian, biological and natural

Do not deny the ancient instincts
The greatest passion
For which your life was made

For time’s passion in you
Will fail, decline, fancy off
To water the flock of your kind

In pleasure let us be free
Whilst some banish cupid
In a kind of cautious fear

While beauty fades
And the taste of life’s tree
For spring blooms but

A couple of sweetest months
And buds flower only
To pursue their brief delight

Embroidered in the Earth’s smiles
Take heart, and blush not
Let’s search for joys unknown.