Dawn without the sometimes Furious Swarming of Coins


Dawn arrives in magnificent loneliness
Without hassles or questions

Only a lovely waiting –
That grasps essentials

Effortlessly, with pillars of the sun
Milky drafted anguish for

The beacon of tomorrow
Dawn in my City devours

Abandoned children, in the streets
Those who go out early

Know in their bones, each day’s value
Dawn arrives with light buried

Beneath our cheeks, under
A rootless science of hope

That we use to stagger through all suffering
Dawn arrives with a shipwreck of blood

Though we expected only monotony
The world is changing, my dears.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Dawn-95724313

Night Here Already

That romantic star
Just went crazy
Astride in the belly
Of the universe
I spent my lamentations
On dots of light
That were waves of life
Stuck in muddy blues
Of consciousness and sorrow
The backwaters of a bright
And bustling galaxy
That romantic star
Can’t look at itself
In the ocean of tendrils of light
The happy labyrinths galore
Of the nights spent on Earth
That seemed to fade away
Like seeing myself in your eyes
Eyeball water, willow of heart.