how fresh o lord is your morbid flower
that plays with spring as in a dream
and returns in so many other colors

only to redeem the world with fragrance?
how strange is the land of evening
beauty so strange to reincarnate flowers

to which all grief melts away
in a garden of lush belonging
that says: “this too can happen on the earth”

like snow in may and blooms in december
i should suggest we learn a bit from flowers
how to act, to smile when the sun comes out

and to rejoice simply by the effort it takes
to say hello, to another down the road
these are thy wonders here, the pleasures

which run fast in paradise, for petals
and the dew, for flowers can wither fine
there will be another, after this shower.

Whispers of The Rose


The temple bell dies away
An Empire scatters to the winds
But the scene of a flower
In the evening air

Is Immortal, like the Rose
Whose red-spirituality
Is still tolling the bell
Still Holding up the Empire

Of beauty, this haunts even the sun
A silence at the palace chambers
Of the mystic visionary heart
The dream of life from

All my other dreams, the last symbol
She spreads infinity scrawled
In her pink petals to the starry sea
Each time I encounter that

The sacred fire that is God’s temple lit
A unity of the universe in a leaf
I know the spirit wears its own plumes
Back to the source of our divinity.

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To My Love on Tuesday

Innocent as a flower
Naive as the Spring wind
Self-indulgent is our kiss
As the flow of my goodbye wishes
Clear-eyed, I cried by your eyes

Happy tears of warm finitude
The glow of poets and dancers
We talk and laugh, make-love
This is life in her comic element
Innocent as a rose

Naive as the Summer whisper
Sundays pressed against my daily calm
Layers and layers of sunlight
Like kissing the glints rosily
Slants of light that have an easy life

Innocent as a new bud
Naive as our friend, Tuesday
It is Tuesday today, and we are in love
Why you – my heart and savior
Innocent as the gifts so little understood

Naive as a life without enemies
I grow in so much kindness
A grin of victory in the white sunlight.

Love By Itself

I think I have not learned
Not after all this living
Love by itself
Is what drove me
In a denial of self
I found Love sitting by itself
I have struggled towards the light
And she said, ‘bathe in darkness’
Until you flower spontaneously
I think I have not learned
How to bleed color
Across the years
My fragrance is only
The Spring dandelion
A stunning weed I think
I have been shaped intimately
By the acts of others upon me
A few I led into the blooming fields
I think I have not learned
Not even truly how to love.

Eros in Retreat


I am waiting for my white butterflies
Summer’s babble of small noises
Where I can feel insignificant again
Behind crickets and proofs of God

I’m hoping that timely intervals
Will save me from this grief
Amidst the healing weeks
Of mourning and mornings

I have the patience of heart-breaks
That fly with delicate wings
Of youth’s love-sheath so tender
Bemused by nature’s glory

I am waiting for my sampled flowers
That have no flaw, but their unchanging beauty
That diamonds are only accomplished
After eternities, epochs long enough

That they forget what they once were
I am waiting for my single aims
To be accomplished in-between
The death of memories, it shall be sweet

To no longer recall who I have been
Or why art mattered, why love was cruel
And how the seasons fell, little squire anti-climaxes.

Chronicle of Comet-Like-Jewel Eyes


I am alive with lucid memories
That are mere moments
Of my future, ribboned sequences
Of the pure enactment of miracles
The little crazy buzz
Of kindness, the gift of giving

The altruism principle, in full bloom
Flowering of big-sky belonging
I am alive with the joy-in-chaos
Of hours stretched to the bottom
Of every corner, every error, deployed
Like sentinels of the state-of-wonder

Fresh like cinnamon roses-buds
Moving colors of wispy vanilla
Chocolate resplendent autumns
I am alive to the best of the world
Where harvests come from strange occurrences
And accidents lead me to love

The old jewel box by the side of the road
Where you smiled at me
And changed me forever.