I Lay Roses Across my Belly


I could live on bread and water
Rice and dal, bare essentials
Habitation of sustenance
Wonder of childhood
Morsels of divine association

Sacred foundation of the body
Raw materials of
Elements like flour, salt, oil
The meditation diet, water and fire
Or the Mediterranean diet

Olive oil and red wine with dark chocolate
Moments of food like pure vision
The pause of hope through
Long winters, where the light deprivation
Must be treated with other

Senses of life, bread is nourishing
The pagan morsels in your mouth
I dislike going in public
When I am hibernating
And require ageless cuddles

And making love like
Knitting a body
A miraculous body with veins
And a face and a purified heart
That gazes intently at you.

Primal Body


Who is the pictured form, the body that lasts
That repeats its masks, its lusts
Biology, like scattered threads of clay
That breeds and seeks to win

Across the veils of ecstasy
Who is behind the sense, across immortality
The youth derived from evolution’s soul –
That fetches the wine from the beyond

Who is the pictured form,
The female that lures, the male that pushes on –
That tie the skin of opposites
With head and loin, heart and care
The songs of the organics, the original ancestors.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Summer-Love-404705610

We, Who are in the Blood


Oh, dear wife, you are too much
Mine and flesh of me –
There is no dawn

To keep your water
From my blood, I am unceasing intimacy
Oh, unvisioned loving face

There is no dusk that does not signal
Your baffling comfort of caress
Oh, you are the loss of all

Accomplished things, I do not care
For the world, after you
You are the skin of the

Long-lunging seas
On my bones, in my organs
Moon dark, with laughing mouth

With sweet uplifted lips
That taste like Mandarin honey
The maple syrup teasing eyes

Savage in the glory of redeeming
So many empty lonely years.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/glade-laura-404696026