Your Beauty burned and wrought me gently 

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Your Beauty burned and wrought me gently

You were all loveliness to me
And so it remains, the hard seed
Of light love, the greatest spark

Humans can experience, the luminescent
Giver-of-Dreams, my dear it was you
The Spring’s echo of echoes
Whose single note
Broke all chains, redressed all horizons


That and a wistful silence
That surrounded your beautiful spirit
Carrying your intelligence

Like a song, a vibrating muted symphony
Of decades of creativity
You were all loveliness to me
And the love to which
I am most devoted to, return most often


In private thoughts, which linger
Like the blossoming fragrance
Of my favourite trees, shrubs, flowers

That I recognize in each Spring
And in the people that have
Something resembling your flame
I was burned, invisible
Spare us no loveliness, life

Give it to us all in equal measure
With degrees of the purest joys.