Gold Years


Gold Years

No need to take hold
Of the ancient image
We will decline with the day
To enter the turquoise tunnel
Of life’s wisdom and observation

After labour, mating, breeding
We know what comes next
Art, spirituality, high beauty
Animal, mineral, wood
We have reincarnated back

Into stars, and fixtures of light
No need to remember the past
Our purity is in our gratitude
The service we offered to
To the assemblies of singing universes

We were a bit of everything once
We sampled the goods
And came out with
The vague idea of infinity
And recollections of eternity.

Cycles of the Clear Bright


The cities will be ruined
And what will remain will be
Heavy dew, thick mist, dense grass
Fields, far as roads once ruled

The drunken parties of men will be gone
Fled into the fifth watch of
Galaxies, tunnelling into oblivion
Somewhere near the speed of light

Passing are all ruined palaces
Empires will crumble, as if gladly
To make way for the new
The coasts will swallow peninsulas

The skies will perform cleaning
Volcanoes will erupt
And broken gates will ease in
New wild gardens, waterfalls

Over bridges, time renews all
Life does not question, she moves
While we rest in moments of snow
Beneath migrating rains

The gravestones of Earth will be hidden
Only the voice of screeching owls
Will remind the lantern light
Of Nine Spring mornings
What all was once, can be again.