An Ocean of Stars


The ocean is a great intelligence,
It’s feminine, wide and free
An earth-soul shelter for our freedom
So when we reincarnate, we have something

To go by, stars in the milky way
Our galaxy of sensitive pulsating, Oh Hae.mi
I feel the stars calling me by my name

Si-in sees the ocean’s beauty
Si-in reads the woman’s magic
Si-in feels the shores wealth

The ocean has led me on into the Earth
I have no time to be unhappy
No time to say the sky meets the ocean

At some point, Hae.mi kisses the horizons
But that is not my job, I write
You course in my blood, my blood of the ocean

Shadow dancer, and strange, Si-in leaves into the inside
Without a care for convention, softly entranced
To the rhythm of her voice, that’s kindness

On the lulling roof of waves, below the
Throng of moonlight, that’s peace
A freedom of stars reflected on water

For so many miles in the half-dark
That’s creation right there, Si-in knows, our legend has a brightness

We’ve made stories between the waves
We must not lose faith in humanity
Humanity is like the sea, said Gandhi.

Whispers of Ming-Ming


Some people flee their obstacles
In the hospitality of some other people
It is fair, it is right, it is good

Like the three oddest words:
“I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you”
They leave behind some of their everything

In the little moments with others
It is fair, it is wholesome, it is the last
Of the first steps towards self-knowing:

I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you
At the end, when I pronounce the word nothing
Others will be learning to love, like I was once

Some people will find themselves
In the hospitality of some other people
I do not know, if it is easy this way

Or simply the only natural way, they whisper:
I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you
That’s what you said, in flawless Mandarin.