On Speaking the Same Language 

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On Speaking the Same Language

My dears, language is a process of
Free creation, its laws and principles are fixed
English and mandarin must intermingle
Spanish and Hindi must find diplomacy

Arabic and Portuguese trade pheromones
While Korean sounds the best
And French has a certain romance
I think German, Japanese and the others

Must learn the languages of the majority
I don’t see diversity as inevitable
Unless we are talking genetics
When we arrive at new planets

We’ll require common tongues
Not divisions of religions
Or morbid minorities who insist
Their language is their identity

The time for nations is over
We must arrive at a human unity
Sorry to Russian, Persian, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian
I just don’t see the point of learning you

When I suspect you will be extinct
In a few decades, maybe a few centuries.


Mes enfants, la langue est un processus de
Création libre, ses lois et ses principes sont fixés
Anglais et mandarin doit entremêler
Espagnol et hindi doit trouver la diplomatie

Phéromones de commerce arabes et portugaises
Bien coréenne sonne le mieux
Et en français a un certain romantisme
Je pense que l’allemand, le japonais et les autres

Doit apprendre les langues de la majorité
Je ne vois pas la diversité comme inévitable
À moins que nous parlons de la génétique
Quand nous arrivons à de nouvelles planètes

Nous aurons besoin de langues communes
Non divisions des religions
Ou minorités morbides qui insistent
Leur langue est leur identité

Le temps pour les nations est terminée
Nous devons arriver à une unité humaine
Désolé Russe, le persan, italien, polonais, ukrainien
Je ne vois pas le point de vous apprendre

Quand je pense que vous serez éteinte
En quelques décennies, peut-être quelques siècles.


내 애들 아는 언어의 과정이다
무료 작성, 자국의 법과 원칙은 고정되어
영어와 중국어가 섞여 있어야합니다
스페인어, 힌디어 외교를 발견해야한다

아랍어, 포르투갈어 무역 페로몬
한국어 최고의 소리를하는 동안
그리고 프랑스 인은 어떤 로맨스를 가지고
나는 독일어, 일본어와 다른 생각

대부분의 언어를 배워야한다
나는 피할 수없는 등의 다양성을 볼 수 없습니다
하지 않는 한 우리는 유전학을 이야기
우리는 새로운 행성에 도착하면

우리는 일반적인 방언을 필요로합니다
종교 없음 부문
또는 주장 병적 인 소수 민족
그들의 언어는 자신의 정체성이다

국가를위한 시간은 끝났다
우리는 인간의 화합에 도착해야
러시아어, 페르시아어, 이탈리아어, 폴란드어, 우크라이나어로 죄송합니다
난 그냥 당신이 학습의 포인트를 볼 수 없습니다

나는 의심 할 때 당신은 멸종 될 것입니다
수십 년, 어쩌면 몇 세기에.









मेरा Dears, भाषा की एक प्रक्रिया है
नि: शुल्क सृजन, अपने कानूनों और सिद्धांतों तय कर रहे हैं
अंग्रेजी और मंदारिन मिलाना चाहिए
स्पेनिश और हिंदी कूटनीति लगाना होगा

अरबी और पुर्तगाली व्यापार फेरोमोन
कोरियाई सबसे अच्छा लगता है
और फ्रांसीसी एक निश्चित रोमांस है
मैं जर्मन, जापानी और दूसरों को लगता है

बहुमत की भाषाएं सीखना चाहिए
मैं अपरिहार्य रूप में विविधता नहीं दिख रहा है
जब तक हम आनुवंशिकी बात कर रहे हैं
हम नए ग्रहों पर पहुंचें

हम आम जीभ की आवश्यकता होगी
धर्मों के न डिवीजनों
या फिर जो कहना रुग्ण अल्पसंख्यकों
उनकी भाषा उनकी पहचान है

राष्ट्रों के लिए समय खत्म हो गया है
हम एक मानव एकता पर पहुंचने चाहिए
रूसी, फारसी, इतालवी, पोलिश, यूक्रेनी के लिए खेद है
मैं तो बस आप सीखने की बात नहीं दिख रहा

मुझे संदेह है जब आप विलुप्त हो जाएगा
कुछ दशक, शायद कुछ सदियों में।

I Celebrate S o u l 

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I Celebrate S o u l

The soul is full of reverence
The soul honours your soul
There is no mine or you
It honours the place where we

Reside in the entire universe
And honours light, love, truth, beauty
And peace within you
Because it is also within me

In sharing these things
Our spirits are united
If we didn’t have idealism
Hope for a better future

A sense of equality and justice
The capacity to have revolutions
We would not be one, or have
A common descendent divinity

There is a point in evolution
Where we evolve past this or that
And what I assume you shall assume
And what you dream, I shall live

For all these atoms of our humanity
Belong to a collective-soul
The atmosphere of unity is intimate
While it is transcendent of our body

I am mad for it to be in contact with me
The sniff of green that is a reminder
And we loaf and invite our souls
To govern our lives, like a discovery

Of our most powerful freedom
Who wills to serve divinity must
Intoxicate themselves with higher ideas
To participate in the future requires

A few embraces of altruism
A play in the shine of innovation.

The diviners


I grew weary of the foreign cities Though these diverse faces Make me wonder in awe —————————————— I find empathy in their clear fortunes Of being from undiscovered lands Their glad far genes of gleaming ——————————————– Opportunity, skin tones of celebration For the heart of man must Seek and wander to find knowledge ———————————————– It is the human way, the ancient mariners Knew this, the space finders, the Forest builders, the native custodians ———————————————– I grow loving of immigrants, more So than the homogenous white folk I feel more kinship with those who struggle ————————————————— Simply for their birth-line to endure I find not the privileged have much To truly offer humanity, I see ————————————————- Prosperity in the self-made women Who must brave adventure in a patriarchy And tame men to tender understanding. ———————————————–



When I to you have reached the Eternal Calm
That no matter or experience can emulate
I will explain to be in the presence of God
So unlike the God or Good I once imagined
As if with the best friend magnified times infinity
Sharing pilgrimage so humbly, my final festival
Never let me forget that Celebration, the loves that
Tastes like meeting, and in all farewells remembers the spark
Of awakened eyes that stops the beasts and flowers
To the river of Prophets I have no more to say
O’ my two private friends, faith and reason
At last you have reconciled your old duality
At the place of Beloved contemplation, last meditation
Lost in that place of bewilderment and amazement
Shall I to perceive the fountain of life
Since water is the source of everything
And Light is the creator of all water
Let us listen to the songs of the Dolphins and the Angels
If I fast, if I am poor, If I sacrifice, it is only
To speed up my union with my Beloved.

Psalm 15


Preserve us, O Lord of Love:
I care not for this flesh, for myself
For in thee Universal life, I place my trust
Undying as I will die, Living as I attempt to do
Your work on this planet, my intended nature
Gives me fruit and fall
Thou art my Lord: whatever I do
Is because of your energy in me
And to be excellent, in whom is all my delight
And all the angels that ever experienced Earth
The Lord is my portion of mine inheritance and my cup:
Give us then this clean air, water, taste of centuries
Yea, we have goodly heritage enough
I will bless the Lord, who hath given me counsel:
Endure, take stewardship of your portion
I have set the Lord always before me:
And I am willing then to do his work first
Therefore my heart is glad, his glory to help:
In the presence of last joys I make my way
As one Holy One to see corruption fair
To bring a light to ignorance, of saving peace
To do God’s work is the best pleasure of the flesh
To see God in others and embrace them with love.



Remember that, we are dust
Not arrogant like cold stone
Our revelations are social

And our conceits are for our blood
Heritage, prosperity and the like –
In dust, which suns have kissed

Unaware of reckless consequence
With floods to bury landscapes
And Golden Time to renew it all

Remember that, we are dust or dew
Not eternal devouring mind
But form, atoms, molecules

Grown up from crude designs
Remember that, we are fragments
Of a larger entity, collective, humanity

To think that we are separate
Has led to more than one ruined city.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Picnic-451051253

Weightless we stirred ashes with our hands


Weightless are our holy words
with breaths from owlish darkness
our swooning shoulders cannot move
without thought, without poetry

We bury our fingers in the inner voice
to bring up the alchemy of water
where our empty body is pure energy
We scatter ourselves, moving light

with the serenity of our minds
we run through gates of sunshine
to find the words that move us
from brightness to blindness

Weightless, we are a unity of undoing
creating on seven strings the pillars of salt
that will crease the page as a pure sky
with wings of fire and gentle radiance
our words were meant to pour the oil of care.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Winter-in-the-Overberg-407174930