Spring’s Anthem of Thirst


In losing myself and letting go of my historical pride
I am realizing a new frame of reference
One that does not require trust or hope
A new leaf on an old loving flute
Where the instrument does not disrupt the melody

Time is a dream of flexibility
We must bend and embrace the footsteps
That leads us on like the burning
Thirst for a deeper connection

I do not require a life-work to be great
Nor do I require love for validation
Friendship is my own definition
Of how I relate to a generous universe

Where we re-write what was once written
In our minds as the true language
But language is only an expression
Of how one object relates to another

Morality and history are put figments
Lovers and family are but temporary actors
Who we thought we were is not maybe so accurate

The human genuine is not our defining moment
Spring is a transpersonal sign of a further reach
For a horizon inside perception that turns inside-out
For giving and receiving are not the answers

I am not there, I do not sleep
I only pray for something like new beginnings
That energizes me before I go
To repeat the cycles that were pre-ordained

To hear the morning’s hush and the starlight breath
Of galaxies aching just like ours
Our bodies aging in the caress of skin
Drinking water to be whole again

Bathing in purity to be nothing again
A light transparency of spirit echoing in mind
Refining organs from within with
The hidden intelligence that unifies by design

I do not know how the diamonds glint in snow
But it has all melted and we must live who we are fully.