Mystic Disillusionment


O’ soul, bring wine for mystical devotion
For I am suffering of earthly malady
I have forgotten spiritual things

Bring me the cup of ‘divine nectar’
I am thirsty for Cosmic nature
My speech has become pained

With the burdens of brief-necessity
O’ soul, Beloved, pour me the cup
Of the inner life, that used to suffice

The solace of deeper things, greater truths
For I am impoverished by this world’s harms
The corruption of men and their unnatural orders

O’ soul, bring wine for inner peace and immortal bliss
For these lamentations are like a Buddhist
Or some fool that witnesses too much sin.

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Your Soul, My Soul

I’ve heard you have one
Deep down, really deep down
Do you know how it feels
When your spirit talks to you?

When the world conspires
To force you into depths
That you never heard of or
Believed beyond your patterns

Among the many material objects
There were many more important things
When we are sure of nothing
God help me if I don’t have a soul

Something to give me a measure
Of grace under pressure, childlike innocence
An amazing grasp on wonder and purity
I’ve felt the faith of my inner being

Like a tickle of synchronicity
In two percent of my weary days
We have a soul sometimes
Something by which to sing about!

Joyful in the greatest suffering
Willing to swallow any tragedy
With a curious detachment of glee
Childlike in its ability to transcend
The most chiding and bitter failure.