We were born of Nature, and we die in her grasp
Did I create the sky? In the conception of my mind
I imagine many things like God, eternity – though
I live only to watch another sunrise
I am the living golden eternity
What my eyes touch and where my tears fall
There are not two of us here
Seen and observer, reader and writer
Devotee and non-believer, we are all the same
That-which-is-Everything, well, it carries on
Without the false pressure of mortality
Without hurry for mistakes
Without internal tribulations
Evolution is the future, that is the golden eternity
The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
Is written everywhere, in the oceans and the trees
In the troubled cities full of false rivalry
I am too the golden eternity in animate form
Strictly speaking, we are all worshippers of the sun
For we live only by her warmth and conditions
The truth of our customs will die with this world
Until we travel to other worlds, our perspective remains small
The Empty one. The Ready One, it doesn’t matter
One day we will get there…..

The Kerouac Summer


It’s the eternal summer
I stretch out on the shore
And think of you
On the coasts of seas
I have been a fish, I have been a shell
And I followed centuries to this

It’s the last summer –
And all I have is you
The low yellow moon
Above the lamplit house
Fields that spilled with Haiku
And dreams won over by the Tao

It’s the eternal summer now
After birth, death, self-dialogue
I stretch out on the shore
Of reincarnated beauty, transcendental love.

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