FOLLOWING KANT (The end of Philosophy)



For years I struggled with you
Left-brain, your categories and dissections
Your theories, your need to know
For years, I listened patiently
To your arguments, until I was
Carried off in my head by you


All this, with a Castle in the Air
For years I felt belittled by your logic
Your floating world dreaming of the future
Planning, assimilating, dividing my life
Into cost, benefit and formula


For years I thought I wanted what you wanted
To profit, exploit, progress, become a success
I may love the Jewish mind, but I’m not
Jewish, I was not socialized
Under a purely patriarchal lens
I maybe wasn’t born to melt
Constellations with my mind.

Photography Courtesy:

Pure Being


In the great attendance of relived lives
I felt no karma in the crowd, only experience
The long restricted dissolving star
Solemn & sweet, with our individual doom

Not extinction in my belly, but love
Creation exhibiting herself in me
All multitudes were finite
And separate consciousness was

A likely myth, with duplicates at every point
Life was a vital privilege, sour or whole;
I am atoms and issues of grace
Photons and quantum comparisons

Every minute I attend to the facts
That all I am will be taken away
A circumstance of breath, water, light
The Universe never owed me anything
And ultimately, I gave only what I could.

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