The Last Green Kiss

I am kissing the rain as it pours
As when it rains, it pours
And kissing is the best sport
Of pale green, and your lips
I kiss for spring and lime love

To hide your grief, by the lucid
Law of your radiance
In the slender outline of the drizzle
We kiss some more in our honeymoon
Of first meeting, we made love

Six times today, we count the kisses
More than a hundred times per I entered you
I smiled every time and we laughed
In the stricken sunlight of a summer love
I am kissing your body for ancient times

As when I love, I celebrate marvelously
I blink for Taiwan wrapped in your hands
I loved the skin of Mandarin idioms
You taught me to love foreigners
Strange Goddesses from another realm

I am kissing the rain as it pours
As when it rains, it pours
And kissing is the best sport
And happiness is more humane
Than the mouth of cruel words

I kiss for your blossoming health
In the fraternity of your young heart
I feel the prophets touch me in your gaze
I write for the green grass, that always comes again
I am kissing you with my last love

All questions and ambiguities I let go
As a hummingbird’s fiercely gentle touch
We are the architects of shared happiness
A civil flower of mutual acquisition
You bring me more fortune than all other women
From the beautiful colored bones of your soul.

To My Love on Tuesday

Innocent as a flower
Naive as the Spring wind
Self-indulgent is our kiss
As the flow of my goodbye wishes
Clear-eyed, I cried by your eyes

Happy tears of warm finitude
The glow of poets and dancers
We talk and laugh, make-love
This is life in her comic element
Innocent as a rose

Naive as the Summer whisper
Sundays pressed against my daily calm
Layers and layers of sunlight
Like kissing the glints rosily
Slants of light that have an easy life

Innocent as a new bud
Naive as our friend, Tuesday
It is Tuesday today, and we are in love
Why you – my heart and savior
Innocent as the gifts so little understood

Naive as a life without enemies
I grow in so much kindness
A grin of victory in the white sunlight.

Conference of the Beloved


Out of infinity, I have built
Petals of love, it’s boldness
To shower you with them
My blood sings of tiger-shadows
Pulsing with your caramel-tongue kisses
Very merciful are these nights
* * *
Of kissing with certainty
Like a refuge at the heart of life
Out of eternity, I have built
Petals of love, it’s my eyes that instigate
The fish-swimming-up-river dance
Of my spine inching through you
* * *
I’ve taken no vow, but I belong to you now
The sun of my days empties itself
In your water, by your spirit
The sand is marble and the path is diamond
Out of obscurity, I have found you
Petals of love, it’s green-hearing
* * *
To listen to your mandarin tutoring
You tutor me in so many ways
That I have become reckless in my loving
With cries of fields of your womanhood!
There are birds at daybreak from your bed
Sometimes they wake me, last night I slept deeply
* * *
My poems are like your photographs
I try to remember each detail
Out of unity, I have built
Petals of love, are the childhish hearts of our laughter
We laugh in unison, like nature and star-light
I rejoice to shower petals on you
* * *
How many kisses can I spill
Under the crazy clap of your dizzy wings?
Into a tapestry of our Athenian holiday
The white garlands of Fujian you carried
Taiwan, where plains and mountain people unite
Out of surrender, I have built
* * *
Petals of love, with an affable stranger
Foreigner, who take to bed philosophies
How the sun explodes lion-colored
In our hearts like virgins and gods
Once and for all, relinquishing control, abandoning fear
Out of the nest of time, I have built
* * *
Petals of love, with kisses of delphic joys
Like living a prophecy of pomegranate thirst
I am living the verse of your revelations
Out of convergence, I attain liberation
In golden eye-contact, in dimensions of eyes
A pinch of lime, Soya-sauce and Dijon mustard
* * *
Stains our lips, on the stolen watch of May buds
I nightly nibble at your servitude, and rest
A mystic color of my heart at rest in you
I enter you with a lover’s crooked eloquence
To find you have consumed the strangest honey
You show me the nine-steps to healthy chi
* * *
Out of time, I have been summoned by a Beloved
To the fragrance of sky-skin, ribs of ruby
Your touch my face with half-shut awakening
A ginger-fire dream of unremembered dream-symbols
I suck the buds of your May-body blossoms
Leaning all my available light across your core
* * *
The sunlight begins to dry on your glowing mornings
You come to me with whispers of Yizhou
Ancient providence joins me in your gaze
Aboriginal, Japanese, Mainland, Spanish, Polynesian-Philippino, Dutch
Out of infinity, I have built these arms for you
This simple love to adorn you with touches
* * *
Petals of love, at the conference of the Beloved
How badly I wish to be part of your Team
That every now and again, I am too amazed to speak
Or share the golden onions of your creations
With a dozen different Japanese sauces.

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