The Koh Effect

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The Koh Effect

Do you think we reach a point
When and where our fantasy
Becomes obscene, absurd, unfathomable?

Where our dream is so private
Distorted, beautifully unusual
Sharing it, would destroy
It’s authenticity, like a novel
Ahead of its time

Or a theme of literature
That has hereto unknown quantities
A verve of uniqueness

That tranquilizers that doubters
Because they cannot comprehend
A word of what we wrote?
Luckily I do not have to worry
About critics or even peers

I write in a place of pure celebration
Where between the you and the me
I call it mu, for short, a distance to relate

By the midnight of my time and your time
In a shared time of our secret
Anthology, can you hear it?
99 percent pure identity
A narrative of the colonization

Of a new wave of lyricism
Startling up as you walk for starts
Through my door, I am light
A strange nemesis, the curtain-call
The weird dream of ease before sleep.