Subdued in the Wheat of your Belonging

Before I loved you, Love
Nothing was my own, I had nothing
Now I tunnel the moon in everything
The whole world is mine
I am in love with everyone
As if I forgot the case
Of the majesty of each soul

Before I loved you, Love
Things were not as they seemed
Now I walk the streets with your unity
And I am a better man, my mind
Stretches across the illusion of separation
I am a bit of everyone I contact
They see it in me, I want the warehouse

Of illimitable joys, that speaks
The richness of the human spirit
Those four word idioms that show
My splendour of understanding
Before I loved you, Love
I wasn’t myself, you have returned
Me back to you, and as such

I will always love what love always was
Since before all silence, I came from you
And after all landscapes of Earth
I will still yearn to imitate you.

Your Olden Conscience Melted in my Arms


May the God in you
Forgive herself, like gentle rain
Across the many forgotten memories
We choose not the thresholds
Of our dearest lessons, only

The afterwards of shared stories
Dialogues with our soul
They ripple in our conversations
Reminding me that we are so fragile
All in characteristic vulnerability

Succumbs to the vision of wholeness
That would have been a life with you near
My friend, you opened up my soul like a wild flower
And I am filled with incredible gratitude
That some force of the world

Brought you near again
May the Goddess in you
Forgive himself, like quiet sunshine

My future is my past, and you challenged
Me to be myself in an entirely new way
I love you, thank you, forgive me, I’m sorry.

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Homage to Repressed Poetic Virgins


I wanted to affirm life
In a poem, set life in silent offering
A hundred times, pushing the boat
Into beauty, across the water
Dawn, a crayon summer living
On the edge of literature
And love, these comforting moons

I wanted to begin again in wayside streams
Shout out the alphabets of my
Flaming salute of joy, smile
As if I had waited an entire lifetime
To truly know how to smile
Darling, you gave me the yearning stillness
That allowed me to write again

And I was more of a poet, than a dreamer
Because of you, I wanted to optimize
The way I experience the little things
In a forbidden dance in a never-ending night
Where every day was another
Hour of my life, the extraordinary discovery
Of myself in others, loveliness spelled

Out in infinite variety, in caresses
That penciled the soft outlines of the Earth
I wanted to affirm life
Once and for all, in your hips
Your womb the star-foam of all
I had ever wanted, the swaying plentitude
Of the ripe trance of writing and loving

They were like breathing to my tragic poetic side
I wanted to give life to the repressed virgins
And read them their own poetry
Of femininity, while licking the quatrains
Off of their daring free-verse
It was to be a festive summer
Love would soon blot out

The adventure that I had planned
I wanted to affirm writing an empty verse
From all the lessons I never learned
How fleeting was the poetry
Of my brief life, a few pleasurable summers.

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I Must Now Conceded the Victory & Listen

My cries have called the world home
No woman of my past heard them
They were, the flight of fathoms lived in the past
The women were better at reality
My sentence of stone was hard years
Where memories were crushed
Into a powder, the mark of many
Flowers thrust into dyes
My cries have made the long white nights
A spilled affair of burning right through
Belief, youth, and lofty deaths
Rebirth was the rustling heat of summer
Fresh, from the lonely walk to an empty home
My cries were poisonous heart-beats
Of the breast and beast in the worst of me
I personified something ridiculous and chilled
Something to fill my window with a festive tone
Of hope staring me straight in the eyes
From some momentous star that shone and fled.

I Stumbled Against Your Mouth


We walk between words
As if they were trees, impermanent
Our roads are growing things
Exploring origins

I share you with history/
I listen for your tidings
Star-pierced and sweet
To find you is to find the ocean

Across disjointed sentences
The language beyond singleness
The wanting mouth
Is an empathy of deep psychology

The language of the body/
Tells a lot of flowers and seeds
We walk between words
As if they were stone, separating us

We stepped on each other
To reach somewhere, horizons
Reading or loving could only presume
To reach the growth of living things.

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