While time our love beguiles

You youth all that world successful be
In love, remember to be free
That in giving you may prevail

The gifts of the maid and21
Body of the troubadour
Bohemian, biological and natural

Do not deny the ancient instincts
The greatest passion
For which your life was made

For time’s passion in you
Will fail, decline, fancy off
To water the flock of your kind

In pleasure let us be free
Whilst some banish cupid
In a kind of cautious fear

While beauty fades
And the taste of life’s tree
For spring blooms but

A couple of sweetest months
And buds flower only
To pursue their brief delight

Embroidered in the Earth’s smiles
Take heart, and blush not
Let’s search for joys unknown.



Love is damn stubborn
In such a Cruel World
I feel the essential landscape
Has always been you
The tongues of Saints fell quiet
In your lap, and in my heart
Some grandiose prosperity
Shined, permanently
Because of you and because
Somehow, I reached you
And while damned ghosts flare
I don’t think of them, I only
Count myself lucky every day
And I would follow you anywhere
To Taiwan, or to a Buddhist temple
Giving up all accidents, for miracles.

This Surplus of Us

You constituted the grace of time
An Eternity in brief moments sublime
A revelation at the power of ‘us’
Relative and absolute with

Only an idolatry of experience
That I unto Love adjust
A little help to further each Day
That delight would stand to see

My Heaven in your eyes
You said that I would feel ‘secrets’
Spoken even when we were silent
I suit Thee like the poetry of need
The timing of mercy, the looks that near.

Letters I tore open as our bodies melted together


I gave you love gifts
Kisses for your earlobes
I gilded the time where our palms met
Like the fragrance of clean summer air

I gave you all my time
Where hung the many shinning things
In my chest’s forgotten depths
You have enabled me to truly live

A few days, weeks, months
You gave me open letters of silver
(As it is written in the Song of Songs)
I have been cherished by you

And I have covered your skin
With the fabric of my beloved touch
And kissed you into sleep’s happy melody
I gave you love gifts

All over your delicate body
And I hung my life’s passion on you
Without needing a religion or language
But love’s oldest embrace
The last passage to Oneness.

Photography Courtesy: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Underwater-Rose-380119000

With Lace to Kiss My Throat

Love it is for unlucky folk
Who dream of living with hearts unbroken
Love is for the lucky few
Who cannot stay down for long!
Once I too was young and true
Innocent like a very short song
And then I fell and yet loved again
We are all unlucky and lucky
We are all once young
And then old and comforted
And uncomforted by the memories
Of love and what wasn’t quite love
Yet I lie light upon my lap
And breathe a sigh for my worn heart
That the heart keeps loving
As the lungs keep breathing
That is all, the ends are all
Inhaling love and exhaling breath
Love is for those blessed years
When time raced in breezy afternoons!