Bounty of a Mandarin Candle


My wife, your hands they fly
From my eyes into the day
where the last sunshine
touches my face in throbbed

Turquoise where the ocean
Meets the sky in barenaked syllables
A flower petal found of sunsets
My wife, we live together in

A honeysuckle celestial capsule
Absolutely in our own world
My wife, how the darkness has
Swallowed us in the mercy of

her closed wings of grandiose shelter
My wife, I love to watch the
miniature empire of your face
With the characteristics of my

eternal notebook, the lift of perfume
and laughter, the garden-dream
of your tenderness of blue material
Where life seems prosperous & lucky

My wife, the last crazy sunbeam
Of my open heart, has arrived in your form
As the flare of corn in the soil
Or the gift of rain to the natural world.

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Song for Tall Grasses Singing

Because my calling is such
I lose myself in entire days
Whole days of loving too much
Across the lampless silence
Of her enormous sun
A ‘520’ of emotion and rainless air

I kiss your palms, as if
You were my only fortune
Because my calling is such
I fall into touching your fabulous face
A breathless journey beyond
All error and transient lust

Because my calling is such
I let our embrace become an art
The sun is to be twice its size
In song as if the world were good
Because my calling is such
I serenade summer with your name

These difficult Mandarin names
I want one, beneath white sheet embraces
And kisses that seem to stretch
Until the sweetest noons
Because my calling is such
The moon is red where rainbows meet sunsets

And I am enthralled in happiness
By your miniature dreams of prophetic-secrets
You endear me to you by your
Power of imagination, flamboyant with humor
I’ve laughed with you in a few short weeks
More than the entire year

Because my calling is such
My cheeks are filled with light
The brightest clairvoyance that ever lit
Your breasts glued to me
Like royal gardens from the ancients
I call your name in language more beautiful

Than my mother tongue, your womb
My blaze of sacred heart gone wild.

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