Modern Gender

You live like a God/
Calm, alone, the modern associate
You tailored your life
Script and sacrifice, determined
Like a titan, in a life made of nets

To catch the monuments falling
The lovers, departing
You herd destiny with no promises
You believe in yourself, at least
You honor your victories

And count yourself lucky/
You live like a God
Aloof, eccentric, intrinsic
Lord prayer didn’t need help
To raise pennies from the marketplace

You wrap your silence in
Executable strengths of machinery
You live like a God
Aren’t you tired, of vigilance
Against perceived enemies, for which
There exists a rather large mythology.

Hey, Poor-Sustenance, Over Here!


Hey, I’m only semi-literate/
Barely enough to call myself ‘educated’
Be easy on me, as I try to
Understand your chimera-rambling

Your trance of miscarriages/
Your letters home, to God
When you are so clearly
An atheist, with your couldn’t-care-less

Attitude, you run circles around me/
With your worldly wisdom
Hey, I’m barely street-smart, at all
I’ve never touched a dolphin

Or hitch-hiked across a country in revolt!
I haven’t worked the Corporations like you have
Haven’t seen the bright lights
Hey, I’m pretty much a goat herder

Of idle dreams, a feigned lunatic/
A scholar that leans on stars
So distant, I can only read child-notes
I have a Ph.D in obscurity, and innocence

I know the code forbids, that you kiss/
A white boy on the mouth, but perhaps
You can make an excuse, of how ‘we’ came to pass
And make up a story of what happened to me

After you left me stung as a bee might sting/
The lips of Socrates, you know me well enough I guess
To know what you are leaving
Hey, I wish you well, you are

The mother of false starts/
And the best Lover I ever had.