Modern Gender

You live like a God/
Calm, alone, the modern associate
You tailored your life
Script and sacrifice, determined
Like a titan, in a life made of nets

To catch the monuments falling
The lovers, departing
You herd destiny with no promises
You believe in yourself, at least
You honor your victories

And count yourself lucky/
You live like a God
Aloof, eccentric, intrinsic
Lord prayer didn’t need help
To raise pennies from the marketplace

You wrap your silence in
Executable strengths of machinery
You live like a God
Aren’t you tired, of vigilance
Against perceived enemies, for which
There exists a rather large mythology.

An Urban Afterlife


Aspiring to empty myself of information
The city carves me up with an orbit of
Advertisements, carcinogens, plastics

I am afflicted – rehearsing my escape
Where on the Earth can I leave it?
Modern life injures my spirit

Like a repetitive cognitive stress fracture
Of too much schizophrenia & separation
This world has chosen a kind of doom
Without volunteers, for needless kindness
I want a simple life, like fruit ripening
Before you eat it on a Sunday morning

Aspiring to coax myself back into balance
The city trespasses over my congruity
With an excess of competition

For wealth and breeding, for a restless
Workaholic’s lifetime of drudgery, slavery
I am stripped of my humanity a bit more
Year by year, till I reach my thirties
With hardly dream or innocence –
We believe the lies they tell us, until
We begin to tell ourselves the same lies.