On Being Conducted 

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In the sympathy of the Absolute
Mozart or Shakespeare didn’t know
How beautiful the categories
That makes a heart full with her genius
Or how a person can fly inside
In free-associating with our highest destiny

Sometimes we just follow whispers
And hit notes of mysterious Poetry
Or find a beautiful day to make music
And in the solitude of an ending meditate
I remember the feeling of internal seekers
That always wanted me to push on

And the petitions for more revelations
From the internal holy ghosts
I remember how certain emotions
Evoke a sense of wonder and how
The miracles drove me to visit the spot
Where God stood on his heels for me

And I felt the full gravity of time
And philosophy insisted to meet me as my guest
In the simplicity of what I believed was destiny.

Mozart in Autumn

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Mozart in November

If our stars align will our hips align
Our hips align with nature and delight?
For all facts of contact express a holistic truth
That entwined we are part of the same thing

We were derived from acts of love
And to that same source return
When we kiss, it’s an act of unity
Of tongues that once spoke so quickly

Now touch only to charm the morning
But fresh flesh, what of our soul’s dominion
Does our lust dictate a biological predominance?
If our stars align, why would our thighs?

Since we talk in bed about the rain
If you got on top of me would we
Rain together in the bliss of primitive selves
And find pleasure in the founts of our cells.