Verse Crafter

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Verse Crafter

So Eun Ji, if every verse is a child of love
Shall we keep on writing for a lifetime
These destitute hours of waiting
Doing what we love, like firstlings

Abandoning tradition and expectation
To become a writer, simple, blessed
With the expectation of the gulfs
Between our lives and those of common folk

Left by the road asleep, we memorize alphabets
In our instinct for narrative
We keep notes on the feelings
Who was our liege, who were the thieves?

Who ruined us young, that we might outgrow
Personality, ideas of greed and competition
Maybe I will be left alone here, waiting
Forever in the study of verse, that has

Only children of the mind to show
And a short list of failed relationship.

In some Secret part of Her #FreeVerse #gender

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In some Secret part of Her

I felt a pang of loneliness when
I watched the lives of others
I could not place the appalling self-consciousness
I felt, surely horrible and common?

The inner words we dare to utter at ourselves
Cramped in the dark for so long
God, but if life is loneliness
Then every act is one of saving ourselves

We get married for companionship
And have children to grow old together
We volunteer our time to help society
Yet does the neurotic element

Ever truly wane, wanting mutually exclusive things
And not having them, we make do
For the rest of our days, this
Is the great compromise, feeling misunderstood

We learn to not take anything for granted
As if the present is our forever
And forever is always shifting, flowing, melting
And as a woman, we are required to serve

While men can escape social roles by rebellion
Or male privilege, or utter irresponsibility
As women we were required to give life
Until we forget who we were without them.