The Long and Partly Unlyrical View


Now that I wear a thicker skin
From heartbreak, can you fault me
To look with sexual eyes
At your sad and thoughtful yielding
I touch your hair, with hard hands

And I listen to the warmth in your voice
I know you are young, but you have
Learnt so well, not to be too clingy or distant
Your fish-soul is welcoming me in
A long dark tunnel of easy choices

By the elements of your freedom, I can breathe
Without making you are martyr, anytime soon –
Now that I wear a thicker skin
I won’t tell you about my most intimate troubles
I’ll reserve them for a psychiatrist

Who believes in promised lands, anymore?
Now that I wear a thicker skin
Let me pause, astonished, over your naked body
And remark on how I might never fall in love with you.

A Poet as a Lover


The best poets wait for words
I rush them as I would a woman
I have no patience for timid steps
The hunt is not an exercise of will
But a routine of loving, relentlessly!

The best lovers are fueled by smoldering desire!
Slow movements seem too dull
Youth is a show that passes quickly
So make it happen, poems & women
Easy come, easy go, they have taught me

With darkness at their steamy cores
I am a watcher of the rarest birds
And a hunter for the most exotic women
I’ll risk rejection – it shall Kill me not
So long as I hold, a great perspective to Love-Making.

A Short Story of Her


How much of me, she left untouched
How little of my soul
She cared to sincerely know
Simply to merge alive again –

Her peculiar friendship was short
To love me not, in a short story
To touch me, and send me on my way
Her binding arms let me go

And now I must piece the little puzzle
Here I am naked to her memories
How little we truly meet the world
Knowing creature of our void

I attended my studies, in femininity
While eating at her house, pussy & wine
How much of me, she left untouched
My spiritual qualities unknown

Indifferent are the beasts, with their casual ways
Mothers must attend to their bank accounts.