Urban living in Canada

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Canadian Towns

In the history of urban space
We had little experience, as Canadians
But for argument’s sake

A country with this much land and water
Has a future in town-building
Towns may be an illusion
That people hang together somehow
Scholars paint lines in towns

Urban planners like to
Extend bike paths and
Beautify the things with roof gardens

Where you can grow your own organic vegetables
Towns should be Europeans, that is
Not devoid of culture and distinction
I don’t think Lao Tzu cared for towns
Sages could die in a modern metropolis

If you are sensitive, don’t try New York
Shouting sideways at one and another
I can only withstand polite citizens

That’s why Canada is perfect for me
Mock Bilingualism of Ottawa
Or student activists of Montreal
I find them amusing, though

Toronto is unable I hear to clean winter up
And Vancouver is lost to house-price inflation
I always wanted to move to a town
But I could never truly decide where.