Doctrine of Free-Verse

I agree, O heart, that you cannot
Stop writing, my ghazals are strange sonnets
When they hear my words, free-verse

They know that I am not an
Experienced poet, but rather –
Only an open heart

I write not something easier
But the language of my soul
Otherwise it would be difficult to write

I will not cry for satisfaction
Of an easy life, I will trumpet
Beautiful virgin-feelings always fresh

For Heaven and the Tao agree
That the wine I drink is beloved reference
The lyrics of my Beloved spans

Across lifetimes, across star-systems
Who can deliver my message?
I will follow the inner mysticism

As the identity of a pilgrim who
Always loses their way among
The sayings of all poets, a bit of everyone

Internalized, Oh Lord, you know it is true
That my heart spoke with a different tongue
Only with the aim of idol-breaking empathy.