The Riddle of Transience


Give me my amber revelations
A new territory of realism
Exhilarate my destiny into a new order
Of maturity, where I can confirm
The victories of my simple life

My period of prayers has passed
I need to act like an unbroken settler
With more determination
To prove myself in my own esteem!
Give me gigantic sums of obstacles

That I too might know the Common Bliss
The golden mean of happiness
My noon has come to dine, these
Are the prime years of my adulthood
Show me my capacity to live fully

Transplanted from a thousand roads
Life – is a different thing – in these new years
Enough about Bodiless Campaigns
The trial of visions left astray
The Solstice of biology urges me forward
On the last day, of the Spring of my life.