Tonight then, is a rare event
For all souls wander somehow
To the opening clouds

Where the sun spills rainbows
When I went away, you were still unmarried
Though after the festivals, I knew

You were gone, tomorrow who knows
What Mountains may separate us
But I know we share a frequency

The balances day and night
After tomorrow, who can say?
Who or what is lovelier than that feeling

Of knowing the Mystic district
Of the Universe, is populated by others
Some intimate, others foreign

Tonight then, is a rare event
The time I join by candlelight
The realization, I am not alone

An infatuation, that we are not alone
I strain my sight, after birds flying home
Who cares for High Offices, human riches

Give me the sunset bent in bamboo union
And the smile of the new love
That is the reincarnation of all love ever known.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/a-day-without-rain-16892489



When I to you have reached the Eternal Calm
That no matter or experience can emulate
I will explain to be in the presence of God
So unlike the God or Good I once imagined
As if with the best friend magnified times infinity
Sharing pilgrimage so humbly, my final festival
Never let me forget that Celebration, the loves that
Tastes like meeting, and in all farewells remembers the spark
Of awakened eyes that stops the beasts and flowers
To the river of Prophets I have no more to say
O’ my two private friends, faith and reason
At last you have reconciled your old duality
At the place of Beloved contemplation, last meditation
Lost in that place of bewilderment and amazement
Shall I to perceive the fountain of life
Since water is the source of everything
And Light is the creator of all water
Let us listen to the songs of the Dolphins and the Angels
If I fast, if I am poor, If I sacrifice, it is only
To speed up my union with my Beloved.