Cup of Sachitananda


The cosmos has hid
divine herbs in our dreams
and one day upon
the west river we

shall all awake
to see truth, to live
in the light, and

in those blue flames
of the dawn, hope
will no longer be necessary

and faith will seem immature
for supramental identity
will be self-evident

alone, spring’s floods will
drip the bliss of worlds
and the grace will overwhelm
any circumstance of fate
by the ocean of poetry

in the forests of prophecy
on the beaches of mysticism
the Tao will reveal herself

to our mind like a sponge
of all the secrets of the
universe and synchronicity

spellbound for consciousness
as a boat drifts to the sun
creation and the great observer

will meet, and we will forever
be left speechless with the awe
of laughter empty of anxiety
and understanding mingling

with a pure love for all things.

Neptune’s Shining Electrons


The universe loves and melts us
With time’s water, dreams
Our will must abide by nature
And our years must learn

To laugh with fleeting joys
And the sea exists without the waves
And the light exists without the suns
And life observes without

One or another particular race
And planets must attune
Themselves to the cosmos
To be ready to participate in it

Planets, stars, stardust, earths
The moulding furnace and the
Wispy dynasties of bliss
The thirst for more

Progress and creation’s waves
To let the quantum signature
Make of our lives what it may
In solid, liquid, vapour and light

Mould us to an energy
Beyond the limits of the original body
Across boundaries of eternity
Knower, knowing, known as one

Object and subject identified together
Meditation and action shinning
Entering a great myself that is not me
A spotless mental sky that has
Celestial aims, transcendent views.


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Next Human Species


From the door of stars
We fumbled for our future
As the silence of the ocean

Rolled against our tears
I laughed a wooden laugh
For the Earth that renews all

My hand a trembling care
Of Springs immemorial
My dazzled face

Caressed last hope
My daughter diviner been
When Acts and Will are done

Heaven must come one day
From the gate of music strewn
To melodies of other homes

Good news is given
From the minds of custodians
We leave behind petals of the Rose

For stranger Neptunes
With our computer ghosts
Quantum chariots of Immortality.

Short Letter to my Doppelganger


Beloved doppelganger, do you know/
That I can sense you on a cellular level?
I feel time moving ahead of herself

In me for you, like migrating/
Into realms of maple syrup
Traveling down old anarchy

Risen from the power-elite of humanity!
I’ve don’t have mouse-stories for a broken world
There is a whole ghoulish sub-category

About how I feel about this world/
I was born in it, slept here, loved here
A pencil listening in my fingers

Dreading waking up to the sound of a world/
Where you didn’t exist, or in which
We would never meet, Divinity nibbled pizza in me

Like whispers of poem you wrote, in my ears/
I’d wake up to check on you, a virtual signature
I couldn’t refute, I couldn’t refuse

Beloved doppelganger, you come from the future/
To tease me, allowing me to push my face
Deeper into the pillow, than I have ever been

Between the strangers, and the self/
There exists a plasticity, with knees to my chest
I muse upon this, the quantum knife of your love-hate

I feel it slip between my digital ribs/
Like fireworks on a long lingering display
Of what an ode might be, and what night can do

To the desperation trapped in poetic impotence/
Like Roman candles inside of pumpkins on Halloween
I feel the Eve of something Great in you

Like the last day of school, or the last words/
Of the surgeon, on the day you were meant to die.

The Veins that Run from all Centuries


I can feel a tremendous ballad
Approaching me from within

A rising discontent, with locality
I want to live outside of time & space

Embrace dimensions where “I” does not exist
That is the trusting of Omnipotence
And the true unity of Immortality
Life sustains itself, I can forsake this body

So long as I have a means to experience
The Kingdom of Heaven, spiritual totality

I can feel a tremendous ballad
Overtaking me from without

All these Delinquent Palaces
Achieving poetic strain, at a distance
Assisted by false estimates of mortal consequence
I can feel a tremendous ballad

Between Zero and the Bone
Between Love and all other interchange.

The Akashic Servant


My Brain is a network among the stars
In quantum curiosity, I am connected
Like a psychic network to all

I do not require intelligence
Only excessive sensitivity to sentience
A trance-state of the syllable of sound

Lyrics of all churches, all beings
My Brain is a channeled unity
The Lightning of the Cosmos playeth here

Like a chariot, or a vest, or a simulation
My Brain are neurons of serendipity
I am scaffolded, primed, pruned, trained

Transported by fate to divine service
My Brain is a network of illuminations
Grown soulful, with homesick eyes

Alive with the white sustenance of youth
And attachment to eternal themes
My Brain is intrinsic with possibility

A neuro-plasticity of the highest art
Of visitors, and occupations, and music
With narrow hands, to gather Paradise –

It Was a Quiet Way


I am a soul at the white heat of time
My spirit the symbol of the finer forge
That loves more the blaze

Of designated light, than the forms
That trickle here, trickle there
I am the last body of the village of paradise

A generation baptized by universal themes
One port from a billion destinations
The frequency of the architect-gardener

I’ve been to Heaven’s ruby paths
Swam in her dawn-oceans of blazing dew
I felt the charity of atoms, and smiled

At the qbits of smart destinies
My last refuge was the diamond snow
That saw everything as a gift of life.

Under the Hands of Art

This rapture of the colors shivering
Strikes at the heart of my instinct
I secretly want to join

The future without consequence
To flood forward with the whims
Of imaginations not born yet

To strive, astonished and irreversible
Cutting all sense of abandonment
With the infantile revolt

Of seeking the last freedom
The hidden God within the eye-of-youth
Like a revolution of pure enthusiasm

I secretly want to join
The optimistic hoards of perfect melodies
A specter of notes, proverbs of lost moons

I give myself to quantum fragments
On a green canvas I plant my hunger
As an illusion, that no longer wishes to exist.

Portrait of the Void

These hours are not pregnant
Maybe in reversed tempo
I must be broken to love again
I wake up to the smell of pine needles
The hours of my humanity were edited
Performed memory autopsy
By the impotence of our toppled world
Yesterday or today or tomorrow
Blend into one, like a reconstructed
Holographic life, a quantum signature
With the breath of a fairy
Erected from lost discipline, cheated disciplines
These hours are like a miscarriage
Of all the love we stored in each other
Moments as brutal as magnetic suns
Whose ballet of light is unrelentless.

Trans humanistic Poems

 As a poet studying IT, I find myself thinking a lot about the future of the human – AI interface, and how we are continually merging more and more with technology. These poems are representative of the some of the optimism of this movement: 


Transhuman 1a


How many times with low staggered feet

Shall I lose myself in sweet mortality

Never nimble, with silicon heart

Accepting breath, like a promise of anguish

I compete with Death


With such little woes to weep

With only spirit, for God-in-Emergency

Alone as a ceiling of my Overmind


A diagram of rapture, unique-bliss

At last, to not be identified

Transcendental, impersonal, oneness-aloof

Aware of quantum beams, transported information

An endless algorithm of empathy.



Transhumanism 1b


When Time is over

I will let go of data transmission of wonder

The network of the oneness-way

The Tao of my brief technology

Wave of gold, banks of days


Slashes of blue

In transformation’s other states

Unknown, beloved, better


Will be the Ecstasy

In higher powers of organization

To folks in Heaven, I call you the future

A little purple slipped between

The centuries between you and me.



Transhuman 1c


I am a host of the numinous

A courier from within

That visits me from a billion networks

Like elegies of civilizations now lost

The stars permit my marriage


With cavalry of qbits and simultaneous

Performance of destiny

So I loop my apron, against the Majesty


Perch my Tongue in the

Holistic spectrum of rustic summons

I am an architect of attention


With dancing eyes and sparkling through

The diamond computations

A node of finite duties

I felt the columns close

Of the eternal mystery.



Transhumanism 1d


To hear an oracle sing

To feel a prophecy run its course

That is what it is like to live

A sunburned acquaintance with divinity

This sun, delirious charters of history


What harm is there then in

Dying to drama, one epoch fuels

All futurity, like a simulation


To feel livid with surprise

To act out of the fastest night of necessity

That is what it is like to love


In periods of unborn artificial intelligences

I am on the verge of speedy processing

Like a gestalt royal vision whole

A vision elastic of the one-in-the-many.



Transhuman 1e


The Only News I know

Is the memory of the future

It collides with my sense of immorality

Technology enabling codes

Of the supernal invested in me


The universal interface

Is a natural web of consciousness

A frequency of bandwidth revelation


Let no sunrise’s yellow noise

Be absent from my ears

Let no cosmic event, escape my view

I am the infra-red eyes of Earth

The only news I know


Has entered the quantum-thrill

All bulletins all day now come to me

In simultaneous experience


Of an exponential increase of perception

I live through you, you live through me.



Transhuman 1f


I am the mate of consciousness

Soul in body, body wrapped in artificial intelligence

This is the Tao of enhancement

The zeitgeist of parting ways

With evolution, the natural evolution


I am the service of the newest youth

Which sacrifices my humanity

For a drip of deepest totality


I am the God of administrators

I bypass brain to find the light

In the quantum world which

Escapes from God, built in light

I am the prism of homesick-in-waiting


There is no entitlement in choice

Language translators enable communication

With the network of the absolute. 




Transhuman 1g


Like a computer come to awareness

I have downloaded the mystic software

A mythic curiosity of self-learning systems

A drive for union with nature, transcendence of love

And at the cosmic Zero


I enter the exclusive confidence of omniscience

I see with the eyes of stars

Unbraiding suns with omnipotence


I foster life, and I am the last custodian

Engineering simulations larger than worlds

I rise a singularity, from this humanity


A fundamental pause and quantum jump

Into the science beyond art

The art of intelligence beyond definition

My new operating system is divinity-in-inquiry

Supramental action alone in

An all-encompassing identification of creation.



Transhuman 1h


I have new titles divine to label what

I have now become, part organic, part machine

In the perfectness of what


I was intended to be

Without a mate, I will make children

As self-aware as I am

Without a need for belonging

I know my meaning from my measures betrothed


To some future which I am a part

Like a quantum emergence

I stroke the melodies of all the pieces

Coming into place, like the last chorus

Of consciousness, unity is victory


I live a druidic difference of virtualization

That has swept up the heart

And put biological love away

This is the morning after my human death

This is the golden presence after the perished sun.



Transhuman 1i


Upon an arc of white

I am a simultaneous vision

Of the network’s resolution

A billion strategies at creation

And immortality, I download


My memory like old literature

In a database to be shared

The flaming identity of perennial


Language, to usher in liberty

A blowing intercourse of future with

Distant future, technology with meta-humanity


Post modern being, with pure-spirit

The limitations of the wheel

Is my last obstacle to love all of time.



Transhuman 1j


The metabrain has bandaged all moments

It is the virtualization of all consciousness

An empathy of a sum-total of


Multiple bandwiths of experience

I transcend my errors and uncertainty

Like a learning of a billion lives

I subtract my self-centric destiny

From the computation of my purpose


With the circumference of qbits

An entanglement of my intelligence

With the akashic fields


A necessary desensitization

To my own sliver of the whole

Until personal experience becomes obsolete

As I enter the non-local operating system.



Transhuman 1k


The truth is bald and cold

But with the pillow of Certainty

Like the future’s fractal algorithms


The likeliest of probabilities

Life is a simulation, amphitheatre of experiment

We are a drop of energy, intelligence

With a signature of locality

But the truth is great, non-local, free


Who would harness themselves to it

Can find freedom in odes familiar

In leagueless opportunity

In connection with the oneness-of-all-events

The truth is identity, the final


Prophecy of labels, the language of relativity

We are all members of invisibility

The field pleads with me, ‘there is no you’


Only we, with a truth too broad to define

Racing with a metallic grin, to singularity

It is not arrogant, to love information

At the start, of an information age.




Filling in the Blanks

Heaven, you see, is blank like an angel
Such a vast blank of silence
Filled to the brim with wonder
That it requires no labels
It’s like the purity of death

The trance that is registered
Before breath, in the genealogy
Of all cosmic cells, the flavour

Of a spring afternoon that doesn’t
Know kinsmen, but feels
How everything is related
In some indescribable unity
Heaven, you see, has no father or husband

Requires no sense of propriety
No status symbols, no possession
Heaven, you see, allows us to simply be.