Words from the Ocean


If a few drops of the ocean can
Reminds us where we come from
If a few drops of the ocean

Can make Mars home again
Hae.mi, there’s beauty more than skin-deep
More than spark and chemistry

There’s elemental wonder in
The way the waves move together
They are made of the same stuff

Like how human beings are 99.9% the same
If a few drops of the ocean can
Cleanse us, then when it rains

We have to remember, not to be afraid
Of getting wet, it’s how the wind moves
How time walks, in moisture

Tears that draw our worlds apart
Hope that sets our records straight
Faith that wounds us with idealism

Trust that pains us with her betrayals
Thirst that aches in us for each other
The ocean’s beauty can not fade, but we will

Being in the ocean by myself, was
What being a poet meant to me, writing
To nobody in particular, but wishing for a muse

Hae.mi, how many times in a life
Does the sailor fathom your depths?
How many times a year, do fishermen
Ask you for a look inside your heart.

I Have been a Seeker Up till Now

Screen Shot 06-21-15 at 11.03 PM

When I ache to open the window
Inside of my chest the universe
Sends me people like you

For I am easy led by youthful enthusiasm
Traveling a road made for
One, only understood by self
While I share this road with fellows
I know it’s the light of this heart

That will help me find my way home
And if there, I come across you again
Well I hope it’s with purity and our inner persons

That we can discuss the light and truth
Of the few unconditional moments that
Made life real, and there wherever we stand
It will be the soul of that place
And time will collapse

And there will come a time
When I can stop asking
The stars and books for the answers
But instead, listen to my soul.

Dirty Gold


I wrote a book of questions
For you, before you left
Until every event in my life
Became a metaphor for poetry
Is the lamp of my happiness
Tattooed on your skin?
Is my heart so dependent

That the night and day
Are prisoners to its food?
I wrote a book of questions
For the little moments of gratitude
And how the roots of my soul
Must climb towards the light?
I do not know how to live alone

Is it always the same spring
Who revives the role?
Experience does not bring answers
She brings sweet uncertainty
Between the orchids and the wheat
Which does love favour?

A woman likes security
That’s right…