Treatise on Divine Love


I have loved Thee with two loves
a selfish love that was of ignorance
and a love that is worthy of thee –

as for the love which is selfish
I occupy myself with thee!
With my suffering, with my little aims

Therefore I include myself with thee
In the addition of all others
In some unity for which I do not understand

But in the love which is pure
I have renounced the world for giving
The giving that was selfish indeed

altruism, art, spiritual seeking; they were
all selfish too, though I always strive
To raise my love to some forgotten heights

where I might taste some fresh divinity
to praise thee in both this and that –
that love was my only measure of reaching
and learning how to be selfish & unselfish.

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Treatise on Attar II


The home we seek is in eternity
my spirit has wandered
across endless countries

I have experienced
the pouring of so much grace
to live, to love, and i have looked

everywhere, for Your love –
then suddenly I am filled with it
as a mystic ecstatic with the source

i have felt famine in my veins
and been a slave among peoples
but my prayers have been my light

my poetry the last drop of devotion
that was my strength, when i was weak
my life was the opportunity that was given

if I ignore it, if I waste it –
i will only turn to dust
either way, i will one day live in eternity,

as a spark or a cloud or a gem
or a filament of gold after stars
kiss each other coyly.

Treatise on Rabia al Basr

my soul
There is a temple, a shrine, a garden
where my religion is love
nature, freedom, peace
Where time
Does not have a body
And the future is not
A question of economy, survival, friendship
But where all dissolves
In divinity and connectedness
where ecstasy gets poured into itself
spreading across the galaxies
like a spiritual luminosity
my soul
There is a voice, a whisper, a melody
where all art retreats in deeper revelry
and hope
Does not require a family, nation, empire
But can include everything, everyone, all beings.