T r a n s f i g u r e P o e t r y


T r a n s f i g u r e P o e t r y

Have you ever
Loved something so terribly much
It spilled into everything else?
That’s how falling in life feels like

It’s a wide-open
Eyes in the
That does you in, and rain-drops

Each making points of elegant silence in the night
Etching lifetimes of love over your subconscious

Have you ever
Loved someone so terribly much
It made you love life, permanently?

What’s heaped too with highs
Halls, bliss, open empty spaces
Of pure possibility, paired to reinforces
That were rainbow mantras

I may live on until
I long for a time

When everyone is happy
Forever in empathy, compassion, gratitude
That life’s unity might come
To a more powerful fruition.