Lucid about No Tomorrow


You Who were My Introduction to Spiritual states

There is no such thing
As light at the end of the tunnel
Only falling things that
Are on fire from their fall

That’s where you come in
That’s when, you
Came into my life

An observational study of love
Developed over time
Given to me only
When the timing was right
Surprise laws whose operations

Made sense only in retrospect
Built upon the loses of
An unordinarily sad fate
I found improvisation
Of feeling one of my

Chief saving graces
Like an dominant power
In a weak hand
In the gamification of life
I’m convinced

There is no such thing
As light, only fuel
The fault lies into our introduction
To material states, we think
This all lasts forever

But if reincarnation was a no-show
I’d give up all known strategy
For just one more minute with you.

May Dressed in White

Happy birthday May, birth month
I will always bring you poems
You are the stranger in my bed

Of buds, Spring, better days
How I have clamored after you
In sleep-whispering, felt melodies

Drift of faces I can no longer kiss
Happy birthday May, I am getting older
Songs fluttering away, washed in gold-fire

Excluded is my grief, on the thighs
Of women that come and go –
Happy birthday May, I’ve lost dignity

In the mourning-songs of another broken-hearted
Winter, recover me all in white
That I might be again, a Lover of the Beloved

The next woman to love me, will be my Loyalty
I shall name the mountains after her
Peacocks will drown in the melting throne
Of her lap of sensual Queenly thighs.