Psalm 1


Blessed is the man that walketh the path of delight
Listening to the echoes of the counsel of inner Bliss
For in happiness there is rebirth, the art of living
Without malice, exploitation, execution of evils
But his accomplice is the law of Love;
And to this goodness he meditates day and night
And he shall be like water that would nourish
Protect, empower, enoble and exchanging delight
His Seasons shall be glad, and he shall have sincere friends
His leaf shall not wither, but prosper
Under his hand of care, lending the secret
To his fellows, and his art and wisdom shall then know
The positive sign for which his life was made
Not to harm others in any way, but to rejoice
To recognize, to esteem, to celebrate
There is no judgement in the righteous path
For to each one has their fate, their time to perish
Or feel gratitude beneath a billion shared suns.